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Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins Zaps His Critics


Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins (55-6-2, 32 KO’s) turns 50 in January and would like to extend his boxing legacy even further. A win against Sergey Kovalev (25-0-1, 21 KO’s) on Saturday, November 8th at the Boardwalk City Hall in Atlantic City would not just allow him the opportunity to fight, but to also defend a world title at the age of 50. Hopkins, who is currently 49 years old, is already the oldest boxer ever to win and defend a world title, so he would just be adding insult to the injuries of his opponents if he keeps on winning.

Bernard has been on a tear lately and hasn’t lost since 2012. However, his former trainer John David Jackson is now Kovalev’s current trainer.  He doesn’t believe in all the hype regarding the near half-century old Hopkins, “We have to treat him like an old man. That time with Bernard that I trained him allowed me to watch and see how he trains and what he does. He might tell the general public, ‘Oh, I’m in great shape with what I’ve been doing.’ But no, you’re an old man, and I don’t care how you perceive it or what you say, like, ‘I’m an Alien.’ No, you’re a human being and an old man,” said Jackson during an HBO episode.

Hopkins, who also TKO’d John Jackson in 1997, gave this statement during a recent conference call to promote the bout “So maybe John realized how he should have ducked or how he should have fought at that time. But to me, John isn’t fighting, John isn’t in the ring. You have to give the information to the athlete, the athlete has to be able to take that information, and be able to use it to his best ability…Let’s see if can he do that, because John David Jackson definitely can’t fight for him. John David Jackson had his chance. John David Jackson got knocked out, I believe, in the ninth round. So to me, how can a teacher teach a student and the teacher flunked the test too?”

While some doubt that Bernard is as good as he says he is, Main Events CEO Kathy Duva wants a win for Kovalev to be viewed as a big deal and a reason to celebrate, “I saw a poll, as I’m told about the polls that are being done, and basically the press is about 50-50 on this fight, so when this is over I don’t want to hear about how old Hopkins is, no matter what the outcome…Bernard’s never been stopped, Sergey has knocked out just about everyone he’s fought, it’s a tremendous, compelling fight and I’m going to be very unhappy if the press decides that when it’s over there going to start raising the fact that Bernard is 50 years old, because they’re not raising it now.”

The reason the press is not raising it now is because Hopkins has won his last six fights in dominating fashion and the world is waiting to see if he’s human or not. Until a fighter can show us otherwise, we’ll have to believe him when he says, “I have alien blood in my body!”