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4 Pop Culture Martial Arts Techniques We Wish Were Real

(Photo via www.giantbomb.com)

Pop culture has a very strange way of interpreting and depicting different phenomenon. Much like any other trend, pop culture has a tendency to take artistic liberties that range from the outlandish, to the bazaar and to the downright entertaining. From video games, movies and more, here are 5 Pop Culture Martial arts techniques we wish were part of the real world.

#4- Every Fatality from Mortal Kombat

Warning, this video contains graphic video game violence. 

There’s no need to knock your opponent out if you can just turn them into ice. Why risk letting the fight go to the decision when you can just rip out your opponent’s spine? No spinning back kick could ever be cooler than Raiden’s Lightning.

#3- Gambit’s Card Throwing (X Men)
(Photo via www.wallpaperdo.com)
(Photo via www.wallpaperdo.com)

Throwing knives, ninja stars, and shurikens are all well and good for martial arts throwing weapons, but there’s just a cool factor to being able to throw cards. Gambit never goes into a fight against the enemies of Xmen without a few tricks up his sleeve, like a deck full of cards that he throws with explosive power and razor sharp precision.

#2- Tree Walking/Super Awesome Jumping (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

Get rid of your octagon walk-out song and get your fly-out song ready. What could be a cooler weapon to add to your list of martial arts techniques than the ability to swoop in and out of a fight? If only we could take a page out of Chow Yun-Fat’s martial arts book.

#1- The Art of Shaqfu
(Photo via www.giantbomb.com)
(Photo via www.giantbomb.com)

#1 takes us all the way back to the days of Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Electronic Arts and Delphine Software are responsible for what many credit as one of the worst video games of all time. The game features Shaq as, you guessed it, the basketball player that wanders into a dojo, trains, and has to fight supernatural enemies after stumbling into another dimension. See just how fast the 7’1 325 pound man can move.

If Shaqfu can turn any 300+ pound man into a lightning quick fighter, just imagine what it could do for MMA’s heavyweights.