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Mike Goldberg Makes NFL Debut, Twitter Tirade Reflects Poorly on UFC

(Photo courtesy Mike Goldberg Facebook page.(

The UFC may have proved once again that it is not ready for primetime.

One of the broadcast faces of the UFC, Mike Goldberg, its longtime play-by-play announcer gained headlines this week for his dismal debut calling and NFL football game on Fox. Then, when critics blasted him on Twitter, Goldberg decided to turn into Nick Diaz and blast a spree of insults at his critics on Twitter.

Bad move.

The NFL responded swiftly and ousted Goldberg from a planned broadcast this week, and possibly for good.

What went wrong? Goldberg apparently botched several players’ names, not just messing them up, but confusing players from one team with those from another. He also apparently couldn’t do what most 8-year-old kids can do well from their living rooms — look at how far a runner advanced. Goldberg said a runner got 6-7 yards on play when it was more like 15.

It wasn’t just a mistake here and there, but pretty much a litany of flubs. He might have survived that and lived to fight another day, but then he reminded everyone that at the end of the day that he is still a UFC announce and combat is in his blood.

Goldberg deleted his tweets, but before he did he called critics everything from a “douche” to an “a&@hole” and dropped the F-bomb.

In his UFC world, it may not have been a big deal to lash out at his critics. But even in the NFL, that kind of stuff from broadcasters is not tolerated. Goldberg finally figured it out and tweeted this:

FOX then issued a statement saying the situation is “regrettable” and that Goldberg had decided to pull away from announcing Sunday’s game for the sake of the NFL.

What a mess-up.

While Goldberg has enjoyed success in the UFC, his style was not welcomed in the NFL.

The drama doesn’t help the UFC much in its fight for mainstream acceptance.

Goldberg will go back to the UFC and continue to do a fine job, but NFL fans and executives will always remember that UFC guy who botched the opportunity of a lifetime to call NFL games.