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Why A John Cena Heel Turn Would Save The WWE Network

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Imagine this: John Cena turns on all the adult men in the crowd, but remains a good guy to the kids and women in the audience.

Think that’s crazy? It’s been done before and to glorious success.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart turned on his American fans, but remained a good guy to his Canadian fans. The moved worked brilliantly and Hart was simultaneously over as the company’s no. 1 heel and babyface.

The Cena heel turn is just begging to happen. The fans want it and it’s hard to imagine that Cena doesn’t want it. As tough as Cena is, he must be getting tired of constantly getting booed, told he sucks, and that he can’t wrestle despite main eventing cards for the last decade.

For those who don’t know the Cena conundrum, here it is: Cena was a good-looking, muscle-hunk who the WWE pushed to the top of its roster even though he could not wrestle and his gimmick was essentially that of a white rapper. A great entrance music, fantastic in-ring promos and his unparalleled work ethic carried him to the top…but then he jumped the shark. The WWE decided to turn him into a watered-down version of Hulk Hogan, forced him to drop his edge raps and thug-like apparel.

They turned him into a goody-two-shoes who made dumb jokes and acted like a sophomore in high school. He essentially became a guy who was there to sell merchandise. In the last 10 years, Cena has sported T-shirts, hats and wristbands of every color. The WWE has pushed him on top because he is such a fantastic face of the company.

And although Cena has gotten better as a wrestler, he’s still really not that good. So many guys, from Shawn Michaels and Triple H to CM Punk and Randy Orton have carried him to great matches over the years, but if you put Cena in the ring without a great worker, his abilities are really exposed.

During this time, Cena has also enjoyed some mainstream success in movies. He’s popular among charities, been on the cover of cereal boxes, appeared on talk shows, and is generally regarded as one of the most giving, nicest athlete-celebrities in the business.

But the fans are tired of him. He’s stale. He needs to turn heel. The WWE doesn’t want to do this because it fears it will cut off a major source of revenue with merchandise sales and that the charities of the world will no longer want Cena as their spokesperson.

Well Cena doesn’t have to turn into an Abdullah the Butcher-type heel to make everyone happy. He just needs to acknowledge what’s real. If the WWE were smart, it would realize that it could sell a whole line of WWE John Cena heel T-shirts to go alongside its WWE John Cena baby face T shirts

Photo courtesy John Cena WWE Universe Facebook Page.
(Photo courtesy John Cena WWE Universe Facebook Page)

Here’s all John Cena needs to say:

“For as long as I can remember, I have come out here and gave my all, 1,000 percent of my blood, sweat and tears. I spent more time with the WWE Universe than my own family. I lost a marriage and a wife because of this business. And what is the thanks I get? I still get booed. Well guess what, tonight, I embrace your boos and I call on you to boo me more. I am not going to take it anymore. You may not like me, but here me when I say this: I have never been anything but honest and genuine when I perform for you. I have given my all and more. I have wrestled with a broken neck, broken elbow, concussions, everything you can imagine because I believe in my fans and I believe that if you spend your hard-earned money to watch us perform you deserve to see me give my all, every time.

So, tonight, you want your John Cena heel turn? You got it. But realize this, I am not turning on my fans. I am not turning on any of the children in the audience. I am not turning on any of the great charities that I love and support. (At this point he brings a kid from the audience out and talks to him directly). What’s your name?, Well Johnny, I want you to know that I thank you for being here. I thank you for loving the WWE, and you know what? I love you back. And no matter what happens, I will always be fighting for you and children like you. You are my hero and my heart bleeds for every young face out in the crowd because I used to be one of you (he escorts the kid out of the ring).

And to the women in the crowd, John Cena is still hear for you. You can still cheer when I rip my shirt off and I will still do my best to entertain you because you have always stood behind me. But I have this to stay to the rest of you: To the bullies, to the jealous men, to the haters, to every hater who ever shouted “Cena Sucks,” or “You Can’t Wrestle” at me, to the men in the real world who make a living off exploiting others and bringing the little man down so you can make yourself feel better, I say I turn on you!!! John Cena can’t wrestle? I don’t think so. You can’t stop me from wrestling! You can’t stop me from being the No. 1 guy in this company. You can’t stop me from fighting for every child in this audience. Tonight John Cena remains a hero to all my fans, but I turn heel on you bullies and haters. I dare you to hate me because we all know, I am here and you are there, and You Can’t See Me!”

Right there, Cena would change the face of the company, rejuvenate the product and the WWE Universe would be dying to see him defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

It’s time to let Cena loose and let him be himself. The company’s future just might depend on it.