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WWE Should Bring Back Halloween Havoc


Professional wrestling was a lot better when we had two strong wrestling promotions challenging each other.

The fans were the winners when the WWE and WCW battled it out. The WCW used to have a PPV event called “Halloween Havoc.” It was a creepy PPV, full of gothic imagery, spiderwebs and eerie mist.

Sure it was campy, but it was one of the best named PPV events that WCW did. The WWE abandoned most of the great branding that WCW had created after it purchased the company in 2001. It should have kept the Halloween Havoc PPV.

We used to get these kinds of great matches: In one of the most creative finishes of all time, Sid Vicious in 1990 pinned Sting to win the championship, only it wasn’t Sting he pinned. It was Barry Windham, disguised as Sting (it was a Halloween PPV, you know). Windham took a dive to give Vicious the championship. It almost worked, until the Sting, who had been swapped with the fake Sting backstage, reappeared at the match was re-started.

In 1992, Sting defeated Jake “The Snake” Roberts in a “Coal Miner’s Glove” match. The type of match was selected through a “Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal,” gimmick. The match ended when Roberts was bitten by his own snake. Great stuff.

Don’t forget about the year Hulk Hogan battled The Giant (The Big Show) in a Monster Truck match, and then later pushed him off the edge of Cobo Hall (not really).

You always knew that weird stuff was going to happen at Halloween Havoc. The alliteration alone of the PPV name should have been enough to keep the gimmick. Instead the WWE does its “Hell in a Cell” PPV, which, by the way, was ripped off from Halloween Havoc. The WWE wanted to do an October PPV that was also scary and unconventional, so it put a lid on an old-school wrestling cage and, thanks to Shawn Michaels, enjoyed a successful October show that was, originally, as freaky as Halloween Havoc.

Sting was one of the wrestlers who built WCW and Halloween Havoc. What about teasing his return at such a show?

There’s no reason why the WWE could not have moved “Hell in the Cell” to another month.

The WWE unfortunately killed much of what it didn’t create in WCW. Halloween Havoc should have remained. It could have been the one PPV event  year where the WWE brought out the Bogeyman, brought back a little blood, and attempted to get a little more creative with its storylines, rather than its current affair, where the world champion wrestles as a part-timer.