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Top 5 Female WWE Stars We Miss

Photo courtesy Stephane McMahon facebook page.

WWE fans are tired of the “Bella Twin” nonsense!

For the last two years the WWE has forced fans to endure storyline dramas tied to its “Total Divas” show on the E! network. The female wrestlers have become soap opera actresses. Their wrestling story lines are intended to draw people to watch the E! show, rather than to build up the next match.

The WWE insists on portraying the female wrestlers as sex symbols, not athletes. That’s a mistake. It’s insulting the audience. Women’s wrestling doesn’t have to be a joke. It doesn’t have to be the obligatory match that allows people to take a bathroom break before the main event. If done right, women’s wrestling can be as compelling as any of the wrestling drama on TV.

The WWE typically responds to its fans, so it’s up to the fans to demand serious wrestling from the women. The WWE needs to stop treating women’s wrestling like a joke. Let’s take a look at 5 female wrestlers who proved that women’s wrestling can be high quality.

5. Lita



Lita was as over as any male star of her time. She certainly got a lift from her involvement with The Hardy Boys, but Lita was great for her in-ring action. She could do a moonsault off the top rope. She brought intensity to the ring. Her entrance music, her tattoos, her counter-culture character made here a legitimate star. She was not objectified. She was a talented wrestler who fans watched for her abilities, not her bikini.

4. Chyna
Photo courtesy Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Facebook page.
Photo courtesy Joanie “Chyna” Laurer Facebook page.

Say what you will about Chyna’s sad fall after her break-up with Triple H, but there was a time when Chyna was one of the hottest things in wrestling. She may have started as a sidekick for Shawn Michaels and Triple H, but she became the most dominant female wrestler of her time. She debuted as a manly looking bodybuilder, but over time emerged as one of the WWE’s top female wrestlers. She was never a great worker, but she made people take female wrestling seriously. She was tough, athletic and driven. She even wrestled some men. When Chyna wrestled we took her seriously and we wanted to know how far she would go. Would she one day be WWE Champion? Chyna made us forget we were watching female wrestling and that was a good thing.

3. Ivory
Photo courtesy fanpop.com
Photo courtesy fanpop.com

She was a worker. She knew how to body slam someone and get body slammed. She was a fiesty and scrappy and tough. She was vocal in he ring. Ivory was never the kind of wrestler you watched and squirmed because her in-ring abilities looked so weak. She knew how to throw a right hand that looked real. Ivory, one of the original members of GLOW, trained for years before she made it big in the WWE. She was an athlete and we respected her for abilities, not because he she was dating John Cena.

2. Victoria


“I’ve lost my mindddd!!!!” Victoria had perhaps the greatest in-ring music for a female wrestler ever. Coming to the ring with “All The Things She Said,” as her entrance music, Victoria was downright scary. She was also 100 fit and in better shape than many of the male wrestlers. Victoria could work. She knew how to make a match look real. She kicked, punched, flew in the air and elevated the quality of her opponents. She rarely had a bad match.

1. Stephanie McMahon
Photo courtesy Stephanie McMahon facebook page.
Photo courtesy Stephanie McMahon facebook page.

McMahon, the daughter of WWE founder Vince McMahon, is one of the greatest female performers of all-time. Blessed with her father’s acting ability, including his facial expressions, McMahon makes every storyline better. Unfortunately she spends most of her time as the matriarch of the company in her on-air role in The Authority. She needs to be wrestling. She needs to be the WWE women’s champion. She’s tough, hotter than the other Divas, and she’s 100 percent believable and authentic. McMahon could be to the WWE what Ronda Rousey is to the UFC. McMahon is that good, and the WWE is leaving millions of dollars on the table not pushing her as the top female star of the company.