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Will Mayweather get to 50-0?

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Floyd “Big Money” Mayweather may no longer be friends with his ex-pal “50 Cent” but despite 50 Cent’s cyber-bulling over the past few months Mayweather still has his eyes on “50”.  (50 wins for his career.) He’s currently 47-0 and seems to be slowing down and taking more of a beating in recentfights. It almost appears like Mayweather would like to hang it up but he wants that 50-0 record so bad that he’s going to keep on fighting. This may mean taking on cake-walk opponents and re-fighting fighters he has already beaten before, such as Marcos Maidana who he got his 47th victory against on September 13th. Whatever the case, Mayweather needs to be careful if he wants his legacy to remain unblemished. As Stephen A. Smith points out here on ESPN’s First Take, the new young fighters today are no joke, no matter who they may be, especially when you’re an aging 37 years old.

Mayweathers last 5 fights have gone the distance and he hasn’t KO’d anybody since September 2011 when he beat up Victor Ortiz.

It looks as though Money Mays’ power and agility are beginning to fade, we’ll see if it fades before or after he loses a match and reaches 50. He is next scheduled to fight on May 2nd 2015 against an unknown boxer and in the words of Brian Kenny, “Can I suggest somebody?”