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3 Reasons CM Punk Was Better Than We Remember


CM Punk was fresh off of beating the entirety of The Sheild at TLC and was heavily involved in a storyline with WWE COO Triple H. The Feud between HHH and Punk was supposed to culminate into a monster match at Wrestlemania 30.

Punk then went and had a strong showing at the Royal Rumble but was eliminated by a HHH patsy Corporate Kane. Then he left. No word, no warning, no nothing, just gone.

That was back in January, here we are now in October and still fans chant “CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk!” from the rafters. Some believe he will come back, while others feel as though he laced up the boots for the last time at the Rumble.

CM Punk was brash, arrogant and the anti-authority ant-hero. Fans long for a return and miss him as a heel or a face but maybe they should miss him even more.

Here are 3 reasons why CM Punk was better than what we remembered.

1. Punk Could Make You Believe

Ok maybe more recent Punk I am speaking of here. But even still jogging the memory, there was the Montreal Screw-Job like match against Undertaker back at the 2009 Breaking Point PPV where Punk won by a submission that Taker never tapped to after being dominated by the Deadman.Then the 2012 title reign where he beat everybody then went to face the heavily hyped Ryback and his matches with him had their spots but nothing majorly impressive in showing that he could conquer “The Big Guy”

Other than that Punk could reel fans in to believing he could defy the odds no matter how high they were stacked. His handicap match against the Sheild at TLC? Who on God’s green earth thought Punk could conquer 3 men, much less the most dominating force the WWE had ever seen? They took out The Rock, Ryback, Sheamus, Cena, Bryan, Orton, Kane, Big Show, Batista, The New Age Outlaws and Evolution. But not Punk.

How about that bout with Lesnar at Summerslam? Completely robbed of match of the year in my humble opinion. They went back and forth in a BJJ showcase that had even the most hard headed MMA fans take note and respect it. Not only that but Punk created spots where you thought he actually could conquer the Beast.

If not that then what about his ridiculous match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29? Punk mocked, mimicked and got in the Undertaker’s head seemingly and almost became the one behind the one.

Punk carried the weaker in-ring performers as well as those without the ability to sell a match and turns chicken crap into a pay-per-view quality contest. Not to mention he brought the best out of the bigger stars he faced and the end result was a crowd pleasing affair.

2. He Took The Spotlight From John Cena

Whether they were feuding or not, Punk would always have the advantage on the mic and in the wrestling prowess categories. It wasn’t “You can’t see me” it was “Move over so we can see Punk.”

What is beyond me is when Punk was on his long time reign as champion in 2012, he still wouldn’t main event most PPV’s. Cena always had the top billing even against lame competition like John Laurinitis. When they were pitted in a match against each other the fans wouldn’t shout “Let’s Go Cena” or “Cena Sucks” it was strictly a chant of CM Punk’s name whether he was heel or face.

He gave fans an opportunity to cheer for the bad guy or gave the WWE Universe the hero they deserved. More often than not it should be noted that a majority of Cena’s best matches came against Punk.


Considered the best Raw match of the year.

PWI 2011 Match of the Year

3. He Has Unfinished Business Now

John Cena has been used too much and often and is in and out with injuries. Reigns is in the hospital as is other top babyface Daniel Bryan. If Punk were here now think of the possible match-ups that could be made.

He never finished his feud with the Authority, maybe a street fight with Orton? Or handicapped with Kane? The crescendo would be a storyline ending match with HHH at a major ppv.

Punk vs Bray Wyatt would be a ridiculous contest in and out of the ring. Could you imagine the mic banter and the promotion leading up their bout? The pipe bombs and the interviews, gives me chills just imagining it.

Now be honest, who doesn’t want to see a a Lesnar v Punk 2? Last stipulation was no DQ but now it could be for the Title that drapes the Beast’s shoulder.

Punk showed he could be the top guy in the industry with being able to create substancial and must-see rivalries with just about anyone. He could entertain fans by selling tought to sell match-ups, he stole the spotlight everytime he was pitted against the golden boy, Cena and he has a shortlist of wrestlers that fans would salivate to see him be matched with if he chooses to return.

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