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Top 3 Opponents For Kurt Angle in Return to WWE


With the days of his contract with TNA dwindling away, Kurt Angle has been trying to set up a return with WWE. Kurt Angle stated in an interview with … that he was snubbed by the current COO of the WWE, Triple H, when inquiring about his final run within the company. We all understand that Kurt Angle has had some problems with alcohol during his tenure with TNA, yet Angle now claims to have defeated his demons and is ready to start the final chapter to his illustrious career by going back to where it all began.

We’re not talking about Val Venis, X-Pac, or Kung Funaki returning to WWE’s square circle. We’re talking the Olympic Hero. The only American to, not only win a gold medal in heavyweight freestyle wrestling at the Olympics, but to do so with a broken freakin’ neck! His accolades are second to none having been an IWGP Heavyweight Champion, five-time TNA World Champion, 2013 TNA Hall of Fame Inductee, TNA Triple Crown Champion, four-time WWE champion, WWE Grand Slam Champion, and the list goes on. He’s nothing to be “snubbed” when examining his in-ring success.

The Olympic Gold Medalist fits has the credentials, has the history, but how does he apply to the modern day WWE and where could he be used?

1. Alexander Rusev

As WWE continues to build on it’s Bulgarian Brute, he will reach the need of a new opponent after Henry. With all of Rusev’s opponents having or adopting an All-American gimmick, who would be better than The American Hero himself? It would be a fantastic catapult for Rusev and his career and give extreme validity to his dangerousness as a competitor.

2. Brock Lesnar

As the Beast Incarnate reigns supreme over the WWE Universe, there seems to be a lack of suitable opposition. Let’s look at Lesnar’s first reign as champion. He had few formidable foes that the crowd would deem believable.  His stature alone puts an imposing force of pressure on any man. Unfortunately, Brock Lesnar is not any man. He’s “the man who conquered the streak”. Next is the Undertaker. If we grade him off of his Wrestlemania 30 match, he’s in no shape to return to professional wrestling. That leaves Kurt Angle. Perhaps Lesnar’s biggest feud from the “Aggression Era”. The two faced off at the main event of Wrestlemania 19 for the WWE Championship, if that helps put it into perspective. They wrestled countless times, often for WWE’s biggest prize. They had chemistry in the ring and out the ring in the backstage segments. Lesnar vs. Angle would be great way for the Olympian to take a bow out of wrestling, win or lose.

3. Jack Swagger

A showdown under the shadow of Old Glory, a battle of patriots, a display of Uncle Sam Smackdown is all that you could expect from the two competitors. The All-American American and “your” American Hero would be a bout too great to pass up for any fan. Both of the men being great in ring technicians would allow them to put on a show that hasn’t been seen since Hart vs. Perfect. Give Angle and Colter a microphone and you’ve got “charismatic magic”. Just add Hulk Hogan as the guest referee and you’ll have fans pledging during the entire bout.

With the review of these match-ups concluded, who would you want to see Angle face when he returns to the WWE? Angle will return to the WWE for one final run and it will be great. Oh, It’s true. It’s true.

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