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UFC 178 Results: Johnson, Cerrone, McGregor Pick-up Big Wins

(Longtime UFC flyweight champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson

UFC 178 goes down tonight and is headlined by a Flyweight Title bout between champion Demetrious Johnson and challenger Chris Cariaso. Also on the card are very intriguing bouts between lightweights Donald Cerrone and Eddie Alvarez  and featherweights Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. Take a look below for play-by-play of all the night’s action and live results.


Bantamweight Bout: Manny Gamburyan (14-8, 1 NC) def. Cody Gibson (12-5) via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:56 of round two. 

Lightweight Bout: Kevin Lee (9-1) def. Jon Tuck (8-2) via unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Fox Sports 1 Prelims (8 PM ET/5 PM PT)

Welterweight Bout: John Howard (22-9) vs. Brian Ebersole (50-16-1, 1 NC)

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves to start the bout. Ebersole lands a straight left and a thigh punch to open the bout. Ebersole tries for a takedown but is unable complete it. Ebersole clinches with howard but eats multiple punches in the clinch. Ebersole pushes Howard against the cage and begins to land a few soft knees. After a long period of stalling, the referee separates the two men. Howard lands a hard leg kick but is taken down in the process. Howard tries to hold a guillotine choke, but the attempted submission results in not much else. Ebersole takes Howard’s back and begins to land multiple hard lefts. Howard crawls toward teh cage but Ebersole takes his opponent’s back and gets one hook in. Howard stands and Ebersole sticks on his back. Howard shakes Ebersole offand Ebersole lands an illegal upkick on Howard. The fight resumes on the feet and the men touch gloves. The round ends with Howard winging hooks. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Ebersole.

Round 2: The fighters trade leg kicks to star the round. Howard hurts Ebersole with another leg kick and briefly clinches with his opponent. Straight left from Ebrersole. Not much activity from either man two and a half minutes into the round. Ebersole shoots for a takedown but is stuffed by Howard. Howard clinches with Ebersole and lands a trip takedown straight into half-guard. A few soft punches to the head and body of Ebersole. Howard is attempting to move to side-control but is unable to. A scramble ensues and Howard takes the back of Ebersole. Howard is looking for a rear-naked choke but Ebersole’s defense is uncanny this far. Ebersole spins off his back and straight into the guard of Howard. Howard pushes Ebersole up and immediately looks for a takedown of his own. Howard lands the takedown against the cage and ends the round on top. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Howard (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Howard lands a leg kick to start the round. Hard left hook from Howard. Ebersole responds with a right body kick. Left straight from Ebersole lands. Howard briefly swarms on Ebersole but none of the punches really land. Ebersole clinches up with Howard but ends up being pushed against the cage. Ebersole looking for a guillotine but is unable to take it anywhere. Howard responds with hard lefts to the body. Another leg kick lands for Howard. Ebersole clinches with Howard and Howards lands a few punches before Ebersole separates. A takedown attempt form Ebersole is thwarted by Howard. Leg kick from Howard buckles bersole. Howard pushing forward but Ebersole lands a few soft punches. The men trade kicks again. Howard swarms on Ebersole again. Ebersole goes for a body kick which is caught by Howard. Howard pushes Ebersole against the cage and begins to land punches to the head and body. Left hook lands for Howard. Another takedown attempt from Ebersole but Howard stuffs it. Leg kick from Howard hurts Ebersole again. The men clinch and throw punches back and forth. Howard lands a hard left hook to end the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Howard and the fight 29-28 for Howard.

Result: Brian Ebersole defeats John Howard via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Welterweight Bout: Patrick Cote (20-8) vs. Stephen Thompson (9-1)

Round 1: Cote opens the bout with multiple leg kicks. Thompson looking for the right opening hasn’t thrown much to start the round. As soon as I type that Thompson lands a crisp jab. Cote clinches with Thompson and pushes “Wonderboy” against the cage. Thompson switches and puts Cote against the cage before exiting. Side kicks from Thompson. Jab from Thompson lands. Thompson lands a 1-2 combination on Cote. Cote is chasing but getting countered by a multitude of techniques form Thompson. A body kick from Thompson is caught by Cote and “The Predator” pushes forward for a takedown. Cote tries to throw Thompson but the Karate specialist perfectly defends. Back on the feet Cote lands a solid leg kick. Cote tries to land a takedown to end the round but Thompson defends. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2: The fighters come out trading to start the round with Thompson getting the better of the exchanges. Inside leg kick and straight  right combo lands for Thompson. Cote looks for a leg kick but is countered by Thompson. The men trade punches with nothing significant landing. Thompson steps forward with a jab but Cote counters beautifully with an overhand right. Hard straight right lands for Thompson. Cote shoots for a takedown and pushes Thompson back to the cage. Thompson lands a few “Travis Browne” elbows but Cote is seemingly unaffected. Front leg side kick from Thompson. Thompson matrixes his way out of a flurry of Cote’s strikes and lands a brutal left hook. Cote wobbles but doesn’t fall, and pushes forward with a 1-2 combo to close out the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Thompson (20-18 Thompson).

Round 3: The first minute of the final round is more of the same with Thompson getting the better of the striking exchanges. Cote pushes forward but is greeted by a left hook from Thompson. Right hook lands for Cote. Another takedown attempt from Cote is stuffed. Straight left to the body for Thompson. Inside leg kick lands for Cote. Thompson lands a right hook while Cote misses. Cote gets tagged with a left jab. A right hook lands for Cote. A straight right from Thompson absolutely floors Cote but the Ultimate Fighter veteran is able to recover. Straight right from Thompson wobbles Cote again. Take down attempt from Cote is stuffed and Thompson starts to level his opponent. Thompson opts to let Cote stand. Spinning heel kick from Thompson barely misses. Spinning heel kick to the body lands for Thompson. Thompson lights up cote with punches to end the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Thompson (30-27 Thompson overall). 

Result: Stephen Thompson def. Patrick Cote via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Lightweight Bout: Jorge Masvidal (27-8) vs. James Krause (21-5)

Round 1: A 1-2 combo from Masivdal is the most significant amount of action into round one. Krause counters a few punches from Masvidal with a nice right hook. Right straight lands for Krause. Knee to the body lands for Masvidal. Punch combination lands for Masvidal and a body punch hurts Krause. Krause circles out and pushes Masvidal against the cage. Another shot from the body hurts Krause. Krause responds with a body kick of his own. Spinning wheel kick from Masvidal misses. Jab lands for Krause. It looks liek Krause is trying to set up the front kick, we’ll see if it comes to fruition later. Masvidal hurts Krause with another body shot. Masvidal pushes forward with a flurry of punches but Krause is able to avoid any further damage. Masvidal attempts a takedown to end the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Masvidal. 

Round 2: Krause opens the round with a leg kick and a 1-2 combo. Masvidal lands a switch kick to the body. Right hand from Masvidal. Masvidal doubles up on right straights and lands both. Krause lands a right hand of his own and tries to land a takedown. Masvidal briefly grabs  a guillotine before Krause escapes. Krause ends up in another Guillotine and is swept by Masvidal. Krause works his way to his feet and eats a gigantic knee to the body. The fighters separate from the cage and Masvidal lands a jab-straight combo. Leg kick from Krause. Cartwheel kick from Krause misses. Krause is pawing a jab but Masvidal powers right past it and lands a flurry of punches. Spinning wheel kick from Masvidal lands! The Miami based fighter then lands a takedown but Krause grabs a guillotine! Krause uses the guillotine to sweep Masvidal and take his back! Masvidal escapes and absolutely floors Krause with a left! Masvidal looks to finish but is unable to before the round ends. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Masvidal (20-18 Masvidal).

Round 3: Both men pawing jabs to start the third round. Soft body kick from Krause lands. Krause lands a few jabs but nothing significant. Masvidal lands a knee to the body that hurts Krause again. Masvidal then takes  Krause’s back in the clinch. Krause turns to get Masvidal off of his back and ends up against the cage. The fighters break shortly after. A body kick lands for Masvidal. Single leg takedown from Masvidal. Masvidal advances to half-guard. Krause gives up his back to get to his feet but is able to separate from Masvidal. Masvidal puts three strikes on Krause before landing a head kick. Krause circles out of trouble and clinches with Masvidal against the cage. Final minute and Krause lands a hard straight left! Masvidal responds with two brutal knees in the clinch. Another straight right from Krause but he makes a huge error and tries for a takedown. Masvidal reverses the takedown attempt and goes straight into full mount. Krause turns and gives up his back as the round ends. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Masvidal.

Result: Jorge Masvidal def. James Krause via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Bantamweight Bout: Dominick Cruz (19-1) vs. Takeya Mizugaki (20-7-2)

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves to open the bout. Mizugaki is throwing heavy leather early but Cruz is still evading without issue! Right hook and a jab land for Cruz. Powerful double leg takedown from Cruz! Cruz starts to absolutely whale on Mizugaki and…THAT’S IT! CRUZ DESTROYS MIZUGAKI!

Result: Dominick Cruz def. Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (Punches) at 1:01 of round 1.

Pay-Per-View Main Card (10 PM ET/7 PM PT)

Women’s Bantamweight Bout: Cat Zingano (8-0) vs. Amanda Nunes (9-3)

Round 1: Zingano walks forward to start the bout and gets tripped up by huge leg kick. Nunes follows Zingano to the ground and enters her opponent’s guard. Zingano manuevers and nearly locks up an armbar! Nunes escapes and briefly moves to side control. Zingano regains guard and pushers Nunes off of her. Nunes tries to get back into Zingano’s guard but eats a big up kick! Nunes steps back, then jumps into Zingano’s guard with a huge punch! Zingano is hurt and is getting teed off on. Zingano recovers and tries for another amrbar! Nunes shakes it off and continues to tee of on Zingano. Nunes steps back and lands another huge right hand! I have no idea how Zingano is staying conscious. Nunes then tries for a kneebar but Zingano defends and gets on top! Zingano now working from half guard. Elbow from Zingano. Zingano stands and lets Nunes up as well. Superman-elbow attempt from Zingano. Nunes pushes forward for a takedown but is reversed by Zingano! Zingano tosses Nunes back and works from guard to end the round. Zingano ended well, but SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Nunes.

Round 2: Zingano pushes forward with a straight right to start round two. The fighters clinch and Zingano lands a hard elbow then throws Nunes to the floor. Zingano now working form side control. Zingano is looking to set up an armbar but is unable to make any significant process. After eating a few punches, Nunes swivels her hips and puts Zingano back in her guard. Zingano stands and pegs Nunes with a few kicks to her backside. Zingano is trying for a heel hook but is unable to land it and instead moves into half-guard. Peppering shots from Zingano. Zingano is starting to put a bit more power into her elbows but Nunes is hanging in there. Nunes looks absolutely exhausted on the bottom. Nunes is attempting a leg lock but Zingano counters with a foot lock! Zingano is unable to finish the submission hold and transitions to half-guard. Nunes regains guard as the round ends. Scifighting scores the round 10-9 Zingano (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Zingano grabs the Muay Thai clinch to start round three and lands a few solid knees before throwing Nunes on her head again. Zingano is briefly working form half-guard before she moves into full mount. Zingano postures up and starts landing some viscous elbows that cut open Nunes! Zingano continues to tee off and that’s it. Nunes is done.

Result: Cat Zingano def. Amanda Nunes via TKO (Elbows and Punches) at 1:21 of round three.

Middleweight Bout: Tim Kennedy (18-4) vs. Yoel Romero (8-1)

Round 1: Romero looks for a head kick to start the bout but pulls back before completing it. Body kick from Kennedy. A big left hand from Romero lands. Kennedy looks to go high with a head kick but misses. Another left from Romero. Kennedy needs to watch that punch otherwise it will be a short night for him. Punch to the thigh by Romero. Kennedy with a straight right that misses. A Romero head kick is blocked. Leg kick from Romero. Body kick from Romero is caught and Kennedy tries to take him down, but Romero pushes him off like nothing. After a brief scramble Kennedy rises to his feet with his nose bloodied. With a minute left Romero powers forward with a double leg takedown. Kennedy was down for a second but was able to get back to his feet. Body kick from Kennedy is countered by a right from Romero. Romero lands a left hook to end the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Romero. 

Round 2: Romero ducks under a right from Kennedy to start the second round. Romero is feinting and making Kennedy react. Body kicks from Kennedy are landing. Leg kick to straight left combination lands for Romero. Left straight again for Romero. Kennedy tries for another takedown but Romero easily sprawls. Romero slugs Kennedy with a left on his way up. Right hook lands for Kennedy. Kennedy grabs a single-collar tie and lands three straight uppercuts. Romero lands a takedown but Kennedy briefly threatens with a guillotine. Romero pulls out and goes to his feet. Spinning backfist from Kennedy lands! Romero immediately clinches and pushes Kennedy against the fence. Uppercuts from Kennedy in close. Romero pushes Kennedy back and begins to slug him with left and rights! Kennedy fires back and damn near knocks out Romero! Romero is saved by the bell! SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Kennedy (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Romero had some drama before the start of round three. He didn’t seem to want to answer the bell. Now Romero drops Kennedy to start the round! Kennedy is in survival mode! Romero continues to pound away!  Kennedy is done!  Romero KO’s the former Strikeforce competitor! The crowd does not like the fact that Romero picked up the win after not answering the bell.

Result: Yoel Romero def. Tim Kennedy via TKO (punches) at 0:58 of round three.

Featherweight Bout: Dustin Poirier (16-3) vs. Conor McGregor (15-2) 

Round 1: Head kick from McGregor to open the fight. Side kick from McGregor. Leg kick from Poirier drops McGregor. The Irishman is quick to his feet. Leg kicks from Poirier early. Left hand from Poirier. Another left from Poirier. McGregor tags Poirier with a left. A left hand from McGregor puts Poirier down. That’s it! On the replay, it looks like McGregor may have hit Poirier on the back of the head with his elbow.

Result: Conor McGregor def. Dustin Poirier via knockout (punch) at 1:46 of round one.

Lightweight Bout: Donald Cerrone (24-6, 1 NC) vs. Eddie Alvarez (25-3)

Round 1: Alvarez bouncing around the cage to start the bout. Leg kick from Cerrone. Cerrone counters an Alvarez combo with a left hand. Body kick from Cerrone. The fighters trade leg kicks once more. Knee to the body from Cerrone. Right hand from Alvarez rocks Cerrone. Alvarez is clinched with Cerrone and teeing off! Cerrone survives! Amazing sequence there. Alvarez shoots for a takedown and pushes Cerone against the cage. Looping hooks from Alvarez are landing. Body kick lands for Cerrone. Cerrone with a hard leg kick. Takedown from Alvarez is easily stuffed by Cerrone. The fighters are now clinched against the cage with Cerrone’s back on the fence. Knee from the Thai clinch by Cerrone. Knee to the body by Cerrone but he’s countered by an Alvarez left. Cerrone lands a head kick that pushes back Alvarez.  Cerrone briefly lands a takedown but Alvarez rises to his feet. The round ends with a body kick from Cerrone. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 2: Leg kick from ALvarez to start round two. Cerrone responds with a leg kick. Body kick from Cerrone.Cerrone grabs the muay thai clinch and lands a solid knee. Outside leg kick lands for Cerrone again. Cerrone lands with a kick and knee to the body. Cerrone is going to work on Alvarez’s body, yet somehow Alvarez looks just as fresh as the start of round one. Cerrone fires an amazingly hard head kick btu misses. Cerrone hurts Alvarez with some hard leg kicks. The former Bellator champion is limping. Another knee to the body from Cerrone. Alvarez responds with a left hook. Leg kick and knee to the head land for Cerrone. He’s starting to pick Alvarez apart here. Straight left lands for Cerrone. Another knee to the head lands for Cerrone. The round ends with Alvarez landing a brutal spinning backfist. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Cerrone (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Alvarez shoots for a takedown to start round three but is easily stuffed. Cerrone lands knees to the body. Left hook from Alvarez. Cerrone is going back to whipping leg kicks. Cerrone tried to step in with a knee but ate a gigantic pucn that dropped him! Cerrone quickly recovers and lands another knee on Alvarez. A straight right response from Alvarez. Alvarez shoots for a takedown but Cerrone “olays” him. 1-2 combination from Alvarez. Hard leg kick from Cerrone. Cerrone fakes a takedown then brutalizes Cerrone with a knee. Alvarez is rocked. Cerrone isn’t rushing in here, he’s fighting a very technical fight. Alvarez fires ack with a right hand. Cerrone lands a huge head kick that rocks Alvarez again! Body kick from Cerrone. Left hooks from Cerrone. Alvarez seems lost here. Leg kick from Cerrone is taking ALvarez down. Eddie is extremely hurt. Cerrone is teeing off. A leg kick drops Alvarez and Cerrone follows him to the ground. Punches in half guard from Cerrone. The round ends with Cerrone on top. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Cerrone.

Result: Donald Cerrone def. Eddie Alvarez via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

UFC Flyweight Championship Bout: (c.) Demetrious Johnson (20-2-1) VS. Chris Cariaso (17-5)

Round 1: Leg kick from Johnson to open the bout. Cariaso misses with two punches and a leg kick. Johnson fires back with a counter left. Left hand lands for Cariaso. Johnson lands a powerful double leg takedown. Johnson working from full guard and quickly gets into side control. Cariaso counters and recovers half-guard. Cariaso throwing punches off his back. Armbar attempt from Cariaso is thwarted. Cariaso makes his way back to his feet but is pushed up against the cage by Johnson. Knees to the body from Johnson. Knees to the body make Cariaso drop for a takedown but Johnson sprawls. Cariaso breaks away and gets hit with a right hand. Body kick from Johnson. Cariaso lands a hard leg kick but Johnson damn near knocks him out with a right hand before the round ends. Saved by the bell. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: Body kick from Cariaso opens round two. He follows that up with another leg kick. Johnson pushes forward with a head kick. Cariaso slips and Johnson jumps into his guard. Johnson moves to side control and gets into the crucifix position and unloads on Cariaso. The challenger wiggles out of the position and gets the champion into nourth-south. Johnson transitions to side control and begins to search for the kimura. Johnson puts his leg over and that’s it. Cariaso taps out.

Result: Demetrious Johnson def. Chris Cariaso via submission (kimura) at 2:29 of round two.