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NSAC Clears Mayweather For “All Access”

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The biggest name in boxing was the only one to leave yesterday’s Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing unscathed. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier received fines and community service hours for their part in a media day melee. Wanderlei Silva was banned from competition in the state of Nevada and given a hefty fine of $70,000. “Money” Mayweather was in the hot seat for questioning in regards to an episode of his reality show “All Access” that depicted unsafe sparring, illegal gambling and marijuana use.


According to ESPN, Mayweather claimed that all depictions were entirely staged for the TV show:

“With ‘All Access,’ we’re able to edit and chop footage the way we want”

Hasim Rahman Jr. challenged Donovan Cameron to a fight depicted to last 31 minutes while Mayweather was in attendance. The commission was concerned over the lack of regard for the health and safety of the fighters. They questioned him about this fight as well as others in the “dog house” boxing ring of Mayweather’s home. To this, Mayweather said that the 31-minute round did not happen and that the fighters took several breaks in between. While the length of the fight may not have been real, the commission made a point to tell him that he was not licensed to have amateurs sparring in his gym and any liability problems would fall squarely on his shoulders. Mayweather promotions CEO Leonard Ellebre, in attendance, stated that they would make a point of getting the proper paperwork to allow amateurs to spar at the gym.


On the depictions of gambling at the “Dog House,” Mayweather’s lawyer Shane Emerick states: “That’s all for the reality show. It does not happen.” To the drug use depictions, Mayweather claimed that it was fake marijuana. He said that he is against drug use and that he was “trying to think outside of the box” and “I’m trying to sell more than a fight. It’s a lifestyle.” Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar asked that Mayweather and Ellebre alert the commission about future fake elements of “All Access,” to which they agreed to do from here on.