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NSAC vs Mayweather: Excessive Sparring and Marijuana


Anything Floyd Mayweather Jr. does ends up being amazing P.R. for the boxing industry, and Showtime’s All Access was no different. The show took a behind the scenes look at the training camps and daily lives of Mayweather and his September 13th opponent, Marcos Maidana. One week after his unanimous win over Maidana, the champ has been summoned for a hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for some issues that surfaced on the show.

Excessive Sparring

One of the All Access scenes showed fighters Sharif Rahman and Donovan Cameron engaging in, what could be considered an excessively intense sparring session, followed by Cameron and Hasim Rahman partaking in 31 minutes straight of sparring, while Mayweather watched ringside.

On the show Mayweather stated, “The dog house- the rules are, you fight ‘til whoever quits.”

The concern from Chairman Francisco Aguilar is that the way the training gym was depicted on All Access made it appear unsafe. The The over-30 minute single round equates to about 11 consecutive regular rounds. The NSAC is responsible for the safety of boxers in and out of competition. Aguilar is planning to meet with Mayweather to discuss the issue before taking any further measures toward an investigation.

The worst-case scenario would be that Mayweather is found guilty of a violation and striped of his license to promote boxing in Nevada. On sheer numbers alone this is a bad idea for the state. The recent rematch against Maidana grossed nearly $15 million and was the 5th best gate in the state’s history. Mayweather-marijuana

Marijuana Depiction

In true “Money” Mayweather fashion, there was one episode that introduced controversy of another kind. Though the boxer was not depicted actually using marijuana, he was shown mingling with women while they and his friends partook in the substance. He was also shown telling someone to purchase more rolling papers.

Marijuana is only legal in Nevada for medical use.

The Chairman stated that the marijuana issue might be less relevant from the sparring debacle, but still needs to be addressed. As a licensed promoter Mayweather is under more scrutiny than the average fighter.

Who are we kidding? There is nothing average about anything Mayweather does.

The hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 23rd. SciFighting.com will keep you posted as new information arises.