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The Top 4 MMA Liver Shot KO’s

(Photo: Ester Lin-MMA Fighting)

Everyone loves to see a punch connect perfectly on the chin for a great knockout, but the head is not the only vulnerable target for KO victories. Liver shots are a devastating blow to a fighter, and can drop them with one perfect shot. A shot to the liver causes an instant shock to the body, immediately dropping their blood pressure in a central hub of blood circulation. The involuntary collapse of the body that follows is a survival takeover on the brain’s part to bring the body’s blood pressure back up and allow for recovery. These four fights demonstrate perfect striking accuracy and us the top 4 MMA liver shot KO’s.

4. Pettis vs. Cerrone


(Start at 31 seconds). Donald Cerrone could tell that Anthony Pettis was loading up a left kick and brought his right hand up to protect his head. Pettis’ kick comes for the body instead, planting his shin perfectly on Cerrone’s liver for a first round victory and a “Knockout of the Night” bonus to sweeten the deal.

3. Overeem vs. Lesnar

(Start at 2:25). Allistair Overeem’s UFC debut brings us to the #3 liver shot. Many expected Lesnar to try to quickly overwhelm Overeem with a hail of punches, but he chose a more calculated and cautious approach. Overeem is able to close in with strong knees to the body until he really turns it on for the finish. Lesnar survives an onslaught by Overeem and takes a second to rest when Allistair is able to sneak a perfect kick to the liver under his arm. After sealing the deal with a final series of punches, Overeem takes the win.

2. “Cro Cop” vs. Herring

(Staring at 30 seconds). In Pride 26, Heath Herring tried to come in with a lot of fast strikes at Cro Cop. He was able to avoid damage, stop multiple takedowns, and was controlling the majority of the fight very well. #2 on our list is a testament to Cro Cop’s speed, power, and precision when it comes to the kickboxing skills of his Pride Days. As Herring comes forward for a right kick, Cro Cop finds his liver with one perfect kick to drop Herring and finishes him with punches.

1. Ruten vs. DeLucia

(Starting at 3 minutes). Bas Ruten is the undisputed liver shot king of MMA. In a Pancrase bout with Jason Delucia, Rutten started working on the liver with shots that dropped DeLucia three times before finally sealing the deal. Almost as amazing as Rutten’s multiple shots to the liver is Delucia’s will to press on in the fight. Lucia gets up time and time again, getting some additional time to rest after several arguments about illegal strikes against Rutten. After the two shake hands, Rutten corners Delucia and brings in a left to the liver so hard that it actually ruptured it.