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Glory Kickboxing Can Catch the WMMA Wave

(Andrea DeAngelo- Photo: Chastity Cortijo)

With Glory Kickboxing looking to showcase 10-12 events a year under new CEO Jon Franklin, boosting promotion of a women’s division in the #1 kickboxing organization be a great benefit. If Glory can find its very own Ronda Rousey to be the face of women’s kickboxing, the organization can catch the WMMA wave.

(Andrea DeAngelo, Photo-Susan Watts/New York Daily News)
(Andrea DeAngelo, Photo-Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

Most importantly, Glory has to focus on building its biggest names for the start of next season. Rematching the rivalries established in the organization will help fans of old and new get back into the swing of the promotion from where it left off in June. If Glory adds even just one female bout to the main card of the evening, it could stand to be the big and useful change to their fights. Glory has put on female fights before, but not in the main card events. Andrea DeAngelo won a decision against Raquel Harris at Glory 9 and lost a close decision to Anna Shearer in Glory 12 as part of the undercard matchups. She would be a great candidate for establishing one of the first big names in Women’s kickboxing as a part of Glory. There’s no word yet on whether Glory will focus its efforts on tournament structure or super fights, but creating an entire women’s tournament wouldn’t be a bad idea either. If the organization isn’t decided on any major names that they want to showcase, a women’s superfight tournament could be the answer to letting the biggest female kickboxing names establish themselves.


Adding an official women’s division in Glory kickboxing would make for another great leap for women’s combat sports. Glory can catch the WMMA wave by establishing the Ronda Rousey of kickboxing and bring a new level of interest to the sport. While no headliners or details have been disclosed about Glory’s return, they have opened their entire video archive on youtube.com. Relive all the greatest kickboxing matchups starting with Glory 1: Stockholm Gokhan Saki vs. Carter Williams and Giorgio Petrosyan vs Fabio Pinca.



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