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3 Ways to Improve Your Martial Arts Creativity


Battling personal ruts and motivational lulls is a part of any artistic pursuit. Martial arts practice does a lot to instill discipline and personal motivation, but it’s not uncommon to experience these problems even in a passion you love. If you find yourself getting tired of putting in the same reps for the same old techniques, fight your motivational problems the right way. Seek the best inspirational solution with these three ways to boost your martial arts creativity.

#3- Read up

eddie bravo advanced rubber guard

Find a new martial artist’s book to give you a new perspective and approach on your techniques. Old books like The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings can be as valuable as newer autobiographies like Why I fight by BJ Penn. Taking yourself out of your own world and diving into the instruction and teachings of another is a great way to catch a creative and inspired wave. If you don’t prefer books, catch catch documentaries like Choke about Rickson Gracie’s MMA journey or Myths and Logic Of Shaolin Kung Fu that takes an indepth look at Kung Fu mastery. Revisit what it is about your favorite martial arts heroes that inspired you in the first place, or discover a new hero to model yourself after.

#2- Try a new school and new instructor

(photo: Lance Cpl. Damien Gutierrez)
(photo: Lance Cpl. Damien Gutierrez)

Nobody’s saying you have to leave all of your friends and teachers behind, but dropping into a new school with new instructors can present a lot of opportunity to grow. Go out of town to try a martial arts school you’ve never been to and see if a new instructor gives you the challenge you were looking for.  Jumping in and sparring with a totally new group of opponents presents you with different martial arts competition that may expose a large hole in your game you didn’t know was there. New perspective has a lot of value when it comes to boosting your creativity, and new challenges are equally as beneficial to helping you rise to the occasion.

#1- Learn a new discipline


Learning a new discipline does not have to mean learning another martial art. It can be gymnastics, skiing, cycling, etc. any new physical activity that compels you to broaden your horizons. Taking a break from your regular routine and immersing yourself in something entirely new can do a lot for your creativity. Resuming your training after a period of exploration in a new physical activity can work wonders for your creative mindset with a fresh approach. Any principles, skills, and techniques you learn in a new physical activity can give you a new application of ideas to implement in your primary martial arts discipline.

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