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The Top 5 UFC Fight Bonus Winners


Nothing adds incentive to put on your best effort in the UFC quite like a $50,000 tip. Fighters only get so many fights in their career, and it only seems right for MMA organizations to reward those who put on the best shows for the organization. Here are the top 5 fight bonues winners to date in the UFC arena.

#5 Clay Guida- 9 Bonuses

Clay Guida

In the number 5 spot, Clay Guida has earned an astounding 6 fight of the night bonuses and 3 submissions of the night. His most recent bonus was earned against Tatsuya Kawajiri after a brutal 3 round battle won by unanimous decision.

Total: $450,000

#4 tie- Donald Cerrone- 10 Bonuses

Photo via mmanuts.com

Donald Cerrone comes in at #5 on the list with one of the most wel- rounded bonus records in the UFC. 3 fight of the night bonuses, 3 knockouts of the night, 2 submissions of the night, and 2 performance of the night bonuses for Cerrone makes for a very lucrative bonus on top of being one of the top athletes. His last 4 consecutive victories have earned him additional bonus payouts and he’ll be looking to keep the streak going against Eddie Alvarez in UFC 178.

Total: $500,000

#4 tie- Chris Lytle- 10 Bonuses

Photo via mmamania.com
Photo via mmamania.com

Lytle is tied with the #1 spot in the “fight of the night” category at 6 payouts. He’s also earned one knockout of the night, and three submission of the night bonuses. His last career victory over Dan Hardy was the perfect way to go out with a bang. His overall performance and third round guillotine choke earned him the fight of the night and submission of the night bonuses.

Total: $500,000

#3- Nate Diaz- 11 Bonuses


Diaz has taken 5 fight of the night bonuses, one knockout of the night, and 5 submission of the night payouts. His Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise won him an astounding three consecutive submission of the night bonuses against Júnior Assunção, Alvin Robinson and Kurt Pellegrino.

Total: $550,000

#2- Anderson Silva- 12 Bonuses

anderson silva

“The Spider” makes #2 on the list overall with 3 fight of the night bonuses, 7 knockouts of the night and 2 submissions of the night. Anderson is the top of the organization in knockouts, earning 7 total. Defending the middleweight title was nearly synonymous with his knockout of the night bonuses as a master kickboxer. He was at the top of the heap up until #1 on our list knocked him off in Fight Night 50.

Total: $600,000

#1- Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon- 13 bonuses


J-Lau makes #1 on the list of top earners of all time with 13 total payouts. He has earned six fight of the night bonuses, one knockout of the night, and tops the list with the most submissions of the night (6 total). His latest TKO victory over Michael Chiesa proved that J-Lau isn’t just a top athlete in the UFC, he’s also one of the best showman in the organization.

Total: $650,000