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Mayweather Didn’t Give Maidana Much of a “Biting” Chance


As many fans expected, Floyd Mayweather came out looking much more prepared to stand toe-to-toe with Marcos Maidana than he did earlier this year. Mayweather retained his WBC and WBA welterweight titles in a unanimous decision.

Unlike the May 3 bout, the most exciting part was not seeing Mayweather defending an endless barrage of punches. Instead, true to the unpredictable nature of boxing entertainment, Mayweather claims that Maidana bit him during the 8th round of the fight. The replay and photos show Mayweather tying up Maidana and over-hooking the head with his left arm, bringing his glove up under the Argentinian’s chin. Once the glove covered Maidana’s mouth Mayweather released and backed up, buckling in pain, stating that Maidana had bit him through the glove. The photos are not crystal clear as to weather or not the bite did occur, but the glove was certainly over Maidana’s mouth. Glove_bite

Referee Kenny Bayless asserted that he could not tell weather or not a bite occurred either, but sent the fighters to their respective corners to re-group. A doctor even examined Mayweather’s hand, but found him fit to continue.

During the post-fight interview, the first thing Mayweather stated was, “After the 8th round, my hand was numb. I couldn’t really use my left hand.”

Mayweather claims injury to his three middle fingers on his left hand and that his middle finger actually opened up. WireAP_4425d5beee454f73877284f93d2255a1_16x9_992

Lucky for the champ, he has a strong right hand to make up for any loss of power or dexterity. Maybe this accounts for his lack of punches in the 12th round, though his momentum did not seem phased significantly in the 9th-11th.

There is likely to be some skepticism about the severity of the supposed bite given that Maidana was wearing a mouth guard and Mayweather was wearing eight ounce gloves. Now, eight ounces isn’t a lot of glove, but it does seem like a good amount of leather to cut through in order to cause numbness.

Maidana later addressed the issue stating, “His was rubbing my eye with his glove. Maybe he had his glove in my mouth. But I didn’t bite him.”

In other boxing/biting history, when Mike Tyson took off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear in their 1998 re-match Tyson had spit out his mouth guard, making it a much more obvious snacking attempt.

Despite the bite controversy Mayweather dominated the fight securing his 47th win and remaining undefeated. He also walks away with $32 million from the purse and that does not include revenue from the gate, PPV buys or sponsorships. Maidana’s take home from the purse is $3 million. The PPV for Mayweather v Maidana II cost $75. The fight in May totaled 900,000 buys (x $75= $67,500,000) and the rematch was expected to exceed those numbers. 660x495-1