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Scifighting Exclusive Interview with Liam McGeary

(Liam McGeary celebrates win over Najim Wali)

A collaborative interview by Luca Rajabi and Kurt Tellez.

At 8-0, Liam McGeary has dialed into brilliant success in MMA. He faces Kelly Anundson tonight in Bellator 124 as a two part light heavyweight showcase, and another win on his record will likely mean he has a chance at the division title. We ask Liam about life in the UK, training in the US, and making his fight career successful across nine fights and two continents.

(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)
(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)

You’re going to be fighting Kelly Anundson. He seems like a competent boxer and knows how to go to the mat. Do you have anything special that you’re doing to train for him?

McGeary: No, I’ve just been training hard and doing what I usually do. Nothing different really.

What is your prediction for what this fight’s gonna look like?

McGeary: I will either win by knockout or submission.

What’s the difference for you training in England vs. training in the U.S.?

McGeary: I haven’t trained in England that much actually. I’ve been in the states for about two years and all of my training camps have been over here.

What’s your greatest challenge in the immediate future? What do you want to accomplish in your career?

McGeary: I want to face the top boys in my division. At the moment, Newton is at the top and I want to fight him. I want to get through who I need to to get to him.

Is there a round specifically you’re looking to attempt a submission or a knockout in?

McGeary: No you know, the fight will last for as long as it needs to.

Where do you train out of?

McGeary: I train out of Renzo Gracie New York. I been busy there training since the beginning of the year.

(Photo courtesy of Bellator.com)
(Photo courtesy of Bellator.com)

Do you see any challenges with Anundson? Is there bad blood between you two?

No, to be honest with you I’m a straightforward guy. I put a smile on my face to anyone I meet, this is my job and I enjoy doing it. People can say whatever they want to, it’s not going to get under my skin. I don’t have any bad blood with anybody.

What do you think of the exchange between Bonnar and Ortiz?

McGeary: It was entertainment haha. It added a little bit of a break and a nice change between the fights. It was entertaining for the fans.

You’re 8-0? How did they find you after 3 bouts?

McGeary: It was through my manager, he got me my debut. I left my gym and Henzo Gracie found me and took me in. Then the rest has gone on from there really.

You seem like you have a great career in Bellator, do you see yourself being there a long time?

McGeary: I’m still only 8-0 in my career. I really don’t know what’s going to happen, but I love to fight and I love being in Bellator. I came here to fight hard and to earn some money. They look after me, and all I have to do is keeping up my end of the deal.

(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)
(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)

Do you have a lot of family back in England?

McGeary: Yes, but I keep in regular contact with facetime and skype and everything. I’ve been doing my best to keep in touch but I’ve been very busy with training much of the time. My family understands where I am and what I’m doing. I’ll phone up my friends at parties and it feels like you’re they’re you know?

Thank you for your time and good luck vs Anundson, Liam

McGeary: Thanks to you to as well.