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CM Punk Needs To Shut Up And Wrestle

Photo courtesy CM Punk Facebook page.

It’s time for CM Punk to get over himself.

Enough is enough.

Punk, played by the real life Phil Brooks, walked out on the WWE earlier this year. Everyone thought it was an angle. Surely he would be back in a few weeks. Surely he would do a run-in at WrestleMania. Surely he would come back at Summerslam. Well it looks like Punk was telling the truth. He’s never coming back to the WWE.

He even recently threatened to sue the WWE for using his likeness in the upcoming WWE 2K15 game.

How lame.

Punk’s throwing a major league tantrum just because he wasn’t getting the push he wanted. Maybe 434 consecutive days as WWE champion wasn’t enough for him.

What made Punk’s character cool was this: He was rebellious. He didn’t listen to authority. He was great on the microphone and he was a great worker. He was a fighter. He was certainly no coward.

But make no mistake about it, CM Punk is now acting like a coward. Here he is in the prime of his wrestling career and he decides to high-tail it outtta there because he was booked to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania instead of wrestling in the main event for the title?

Where does Punk think he would be without the WWE? TNA world heavyweight champion? Wow, that’s so much better. Punk can’t play the game when the WWE is giving him what he wants and then decide he doesn’t want to play the game anymore when he isn’t the center of attention.

Punk tries to fashion himself as a rebel. He’s anti-authority. He’s an anarchist. There’s only one problem with that. He’s a professional wrestler who got famous by working for a publicly traded company. He’s as corporate as they come. When you look at the great legends of wrestling, the type that Punk aspires to be, they all had one thing in common. They wanted to wrestle. They understood what an honor it was for them to wrestle. They made the most of every opportunity.

Ric Flair wrestled for 30 years. Randy “Macho Man” Savage wrestled for 20. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper wrestled for 30 years. At a time when the fans depended on them, they never just packed their bags and went home.

The fans LOVE CM Punk. He’s a great wrestler and a great talker. He belongs on the national stage, not griping on a podcast.

Punk talks on his “Best in the World” DVD about not being able to change the world while sitting on his couch. Well, that’s exactly what he is doing.

Punk needs to man-up and get back inside the ring. If he’s watching the current product he knows that he is needed. There’s no Daniel Bryan. John Cena is and always will be John Cena. Brock Lesnar is running wild as the part-time champion. The WWE needs a leader and Punk could be that guy.

  • Bernie Reeves

    What an awful article. Nobody knows why CM Punk decided to leave WWE. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doorsin general. Maybe he was severely depressed. Did you ever consider that? Maybe he hated it. Whatever the reason was, it really doesn’t matter. Should Punk end up another casualty of the wrestling business (see: Chris Kanyon, Mike Awesome, Sean O’Haire) just to satisfy some inconsiderate fans? Grow up!

  • mmaohio33

    Why talk about wrestling. Stick to real fighting not that crap

    • CM Vegeta


    • Andrew Kramer

      Pro wrestling is harder than MMA, at least at the level the top and most talented workers ie. Bryan, Punk, Neville etc. perform at. Also much more dangerous and hard ion the body. in 2010, i fought 5 times, which would be more times than most do In a year. Also did maybe half a dozen grappling tournaments. These top wrestlers even with todays lighter,schedule probably average 200 matches a year. I can tell you even if all the MMA fights,were 15 minute wars (which they are not usually lol), there is no way that comes even close to being as hard or “real” as a full pro wrestling schedule grind for a top pro wrestling talent. Don’t get me wrong, I love MMA and have put 7 days a week into iy during fight camps many times, but to somehow try to disrespect pro wrestling, saying it is “crap” and not “real” like “fighting” is just way off base imo, having trained in both and having competed extensively in MMA.

  • CM Vegeta

    1.) It’s been said by many superstars that every night he performed, he’d end up in an ice-bath; Heyman clarified that for over a year his body was too worn out.

    2.) Heyman said that he lost his passion for wrestling a long time ago and kept doing it to fill out the dates and for us. You said those legends kept wrestling because they “wanted to wrestle”, but Punk – according to Heyman – didn’t want to wrestle.

    3.) Indeed, for 434 days he was champ, but in the span that many days and however many PPVs there had been between day 1 to his last, how many of them did he mainevent? FFS, he was shunned by Cena-Lauranitus! He only had the title around his waist so he could job to Rock.

    4.) He didn’t want to mainevent WM, he just didn’t want any part-timers continuously taking that glory. He said himself, he wanted this to be Bryan’s year and for him to mainevent WM; before Punk left, Bryan was penned out to work with Sheamus, so you can understand the animosity building inside him.