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Maidana Will Need a Knockout Against Mayweather


It generally takes extraordinary measures to dethrone a champion. Odds are that when Floyd Mayweather Jr. (46-0) and Marcos Maidana (35-4) square up on September 13 this will be the case.

This fight is the rematch of the May 3 Welterweight championship bout in which Mayweather defeated Maidana in a majority decision. Mayweather was heavily criticized for all of the time he spent with his back against the ropes during this first meeting. Judging by the previous odds, the majority of fans were not expecting the show that Maidana gave them. Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Marcos Maidana

The First Match Up

By the time the welterweights entered the ring, Maidana had hydrated to a solid 165, which gave him 17 pounds over Mayweather. This extra weight proved crucial to muscle the champ every chance he could. The accidental head butt, which caused a laceration for Mayweather could have been a game-changer, but Mayweather’s punches remained sharp, accurate and well placed. Maidana came out strong in the first half of the fight winning at least two out of the first five rounds on all three judges’ scorecards.  Despite the win, Mayweather was met with more punches than any of his previous opponents had managed to land. hi-res-01d5a372ddc26bfb4bffee919b25f4bd_crop_north

Four months ago Mayweather was expected to easily walk through Maidana, but instead ended up with one of the toughest fights of his career. This was only Mayweather’s third non-unanimous decision of his career and fans are now expecting a fight. Maidana is also only the second boxer to ever get a rematch with Mayweather who is confident as usual.

The Gloves

There was concern prior to the May 3 bout over the proper gloves that would be worn by the competitors. Mayweather purportedly paid Maidana an additional $1.5 million to wear the brand of gloves he chose instead of Maidana’s usual Everlast Powerlock model glove. Maidana has stated that this will not be an issue in the upcoming bout.

“One hundred percent the gloves made a difference in the last fight,” said Maidana. “The gloves I use are fit to my hand and are more comfortable. But the ones that I was forced to wear were not comfortable. But the bottom line is, this time I’m going to win with any glove that I wear.”

The Rematch

“Miguel Cotto was a tougher fighter and he hit harder,” Mayweather told the press. “Canelo hit harder than him. I don’t take nothing away from him, he’s tough and he’s very, very rugged. Now, I could make this fight absolutely easy but it would be boring, and I didn’t want to do that for the fans. These fans are paying serious money to come out here and support boxing.”

The upcoming event will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather has solidified his status as the highest paid athlete in sports and Forbes reported that he toped the charts by earning $105 million in a 12-month span. Last year his match up against Canelo Alvarez grossed $150 million in pay-per-view revenue alone. This equates to 2.2 million buys compared with the mere 900,000 in his first go around with Maidana. hi-res-a275b51bd44407f8d95baebbbaa2d6f5_crop_north

The Odds

That was before fans realized that Maidana might have a legitimate shot at the win.

With less than a week before the rematch odds are significantly different than they were in May, although many believe if left to the judges Mayweather will retain the title. Less than a week out most of the odds are reading Mayweather as an -800 favorite with for the win at Maidana +500. This doesn’t make Mayweather make him an overwhelming favorite compared to the previous bout, which had the champ at -1100, with Maidana at +650.

“Floyd can say whatever he wants about me,” said Maidana. “He knows that I gave him the toughest fight of his life. The only difference is this time I will knock him out.”

The current betting odds predict that if Maidana does win it will be via knockout as 31 out of his 35 wins have been.