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The Top 4 Spinning Wheel Kick KO’s

(Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim in a lightweight bout during UFC 142 at HSBC Arena on January 14, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

A spinning wheel kick is without a doubt one of the flashiest ways to earn a KO victory in mixed martial arts. It’s a very tricky and very advanced kick to land on your opponent. Stepping across your body, you temporarily expose your back to your opponent as you shift your weight into your support leg. As you turn your head over your shoulder to aim your kick at your opponent, you then release the kick with all the power and torque of your body in one twist. It is very difficult for a fighter to land, but you will hear about every time one makes the highlight reel. Here are the 4 spinning heel kick KO’s of all time.

#4- Junior Dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt and Junior Dos Antos were trading some serious blows back and forth in the fight of the night of UFC 160. A little over 4 minutes into the final round of the fight, Dos Antos is able to find the final strike to put the cap on the fight. At 2:20, Dos Antos sets up the kick with a right jab that puts Hunt’s defense up, but it’s not enough to protect him when the spinning wheel kick comes around from the right.

#3- Uriah Hall vs. Adam Cella

Uriah Hall’s spinning back kick KO against Adam Cella in TUF hits with a brutality that quiets the whole room. Feinting with his right and left hands, it’s enough to distract Cella to the fact that Hall is really loading up and torquing his body for a spinning heel kick. The blow brings the fight to an abrupt end 10 seconds before the end of the first round.

Eddie Wineland vs. Rennan Barao


Bantamweights Rennan Barao and Eddie Wineland battled it out for the Interim Bantamweight title in UFC 165. Wineland never expected that Barao would be able to close the distance so quickly. Barao did a great job of deceiving Wineland with his stance, setting up his left leg very discretely and spinning so fast that he never had a chance to defend. Even though Wineland put his forearms up and started to duck under Barao’s kick, it was too late to save him.

Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim


Barboza’s kick takes the #1 spot for spinning heel kicks. Barboza starts setting up at 37 seconds in, sticking to the center of the octagon and waiting for the right opportunity to size up Etim. He distracts Etim with a left jab, then a great punch and kicking combination. As he steps back, he gets Etim to step forward into his doom for the spinning back KO. He was so confident in the kick that he didn’t even attempt to follow it up with ground strikes. With one perfect strike, their bout was awarded fight of the night, knockout of the night, and knockout of the year for 2012.