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Miss it Live? See Our Exclusive Bellator 123 Photo Gallery


If you missed it live last Friday, Bellator 123 packed quite a punch. Check out our exclusive photo gallery to get a taste of what you should have seen!

Patricio Pitbull was aggressive and dominant. He scored more takedowns early on and kept a pace that left Curran just one step behind the rest of the fight. Although it would seem that Curran picked up steam by the last round, actually winning the round, but losing the fight. It’s more likely however, that energy was running low on both sides and rather than make any risky moves Pitbull was very likely aware he was ahead in the game and survival would be most important at that point.

There was little doubt in anyone’s mind that the main event of Bellator 123 was going to be a grueling battle. With an intense desire to quell doubts and silence nay sayers both fighters went into this bout with the intent to silence the crowd. Yet it seems that neither fighter was able to secure a KO or Submission. Leaving things in the hands of the judges yet again.

However, this time the result was a flip-flop in unanimous favor of Patrício Pitbull (22-2-0). While Pat Curran (20-6-0), was left to chew on the very words he said to us in our last interview“Never leave the fight in the judges’ hands” Watching the match it was clear as time went on that while action packed, both these fighters are so talented that this would be a stale mate left to the judges.

For results and more details, read our complete event recap here!

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