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Eustaquio vs Moraes: One FC to Crown First Flyweight Champ


The inaugural ONE FC Flyweight World Championship title will be given to the main event winner at One FC 20: Rise of the Kingdom. 125 lb. flyweights Geje Eustaquio and Adriano Moraes have fought hard for the chance to be the first champion of Asia’s largest MMA organization. Who will come out on top in Rise of the Kingdom?

Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio

(Geje Eustaquio lands a kick on Watanabe-Photo: sg.sports.yahoo.com)

Geje Estaquio (6-2) has won has won two of his last three fights by decision over Eugene Toquero and Kentaro Watanabe. His last match was a very close decision victory over Kentaro Watanabe. His opponent outboxed him in the earliest part of the fight, which Estaquio did not have an answer for until the second and third rounds. He was able to turn up the heat and connect on some head kicks that started to even the playing field. One key component of his last fight that will apply to his match against Moraes is that he lost his balance on his head kicks twice. Moraes will jump at the chance to take him to the ground and will make the most out of the submission opportunity. Ultimately, his striking picked up in the second and especially the third round which gave him the decision victory over Watanabe.

 Adriano “Black Diamond” Moraes

(Adriano Moraes-Photo: MMA-in-asia.com)

Shooto fighter veteran Adriano Moraes (11-1) has an extremely versatile game that has granted him a lot of success in One FC. His debut fight was the only loss of his career so far, but he’s won the last two against Yasuhiro Urushitani and most recently against Kosuke Suzuki both by submission. Moraes went heat to head with Suzuki was an exciting back-and-forth grappling battle against Suzuki. One FC fans ultimately saw what it means to be a Shooto veteran like Moraes as he tapped Suzuki with a textbook arm triangle choke. He won’t shy away from using the same successful takedown and submission attempts to earn the title.

Rise of the Kingdom

(Eustaquio (left)-Photo:PrimeLensPhotography.com)
(Eustaquio (left)-Photo:PrimeLensPhotography.com)

Eustaquio vs. Moraes will be an awesome opportunity for both flyweights to make One FC history. Estaquio can take some time to dial in to Moraes for his striking game as he did against Watanabe, but waiting too long will have dire consequences. Moraes will inevitably take the chance to bring the fight to the ground and work for a submission victory. Eustaquio has to prepare his takedown defense accordingly, being ready to reverse his position if he gets in ground trouble. Moraes should be cautious when closing the distance against Eustaquio, because his long distance head kicks could spell doom for his title shot.