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Guts and Glory: The Top 5 Glory Knockouts

(Andy Ristie defeats Giorgio Petrosyan)

While Glory fans are left to wait until the promotion’s return in late October, let’s take a look back at the best kickboxing work of the promotion thus far. Tie up your gloves and hold onto your seat for the top 5 Glory Kickboxing knockouts of 2013.

Andy Ristie vs. Giorgio Petrosyan- GLORY 12 New York

Ristie had confidently asserted in pre-fight interviews that he could take the Italian-Armenian maestro, and it turns out that he was able to send Petrosyan packing. At 15:00 in, Patrosyan is recovering from Ristie’s kick that caught his cup from inside the clinch. When the fight resumes, Ristie lays down a ferocious assult. Ristie sets up a strong punching combination that forces Patrosyan right back to the ropes. After the clinch is broken up, Ristie misses with a right and resets after Patrosyan throws him off to the side After setting up a right Jab, he drops Patrosyan cold with a hard left hand for the #5 kockout. The count is soon over and the fight is called in for Patrosyan’s fist KO of his kickboxing career.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Moxon vs. Reece McAllister- Glory 11 Chicago

At Glory 11- Chicago, McAllister faces the stocky Steve Moxon for a lightweight bout. Fastforward to round three at 12:45 to see the final knockout sequence of the fight. “Stone Cold” Steve Moxon follows McAllisters hard right kick with some great punches. Moxon sets up a great left jab to right uppercut that pushes McAllister back against the ropes. As McAllister tucks and shells up, he looks to break out with a right straight right as “Stone Cold” Steve Moxon swings a right hook around on the button.

‘Bazooka’ Joe Valtellini vs. Karim Ghajji- Glory 11 Chicago

“Bazooka” Joe Valtellini starts the punishment at 13:00 against Karim Ghajji. Catching Ghajji with a textbook spinning backfist was the the beginning of the end for this match in the third round. Following up with a left and a right before the referee’s examination, Ghajji was wobbling really hard. The referee made it to a 9 count, but Ghajji was able to convince him he was back in the action and ready to resume the fight. He had a great left jab and overhand right against Bazooka Joe, but Valtellini was able to evade the combination. When Bazooka Joe gets Ghajji in the clinch and brings up a hard left knee, it pushes him back on the ropes. Joe finishes the job with a hard right kick to the head-the referee has seen enough and calls off the fight.

Hinata vs. Johann Fauveau- Glory 10 Los Angeles

Japanese standout Hinata starts chopping down Johann Fauveau with hard kicks to the right leg at 15:15. With each blow to Faveau’s thigh, his anguish becomes more and more apparent in his stance as he retreats back to the ropes of the ring. Hinata forces Fauveau back to the corner with his constant kicks to the point where he is doubled over in pain. Hinata makes quick work of his head with punching and kicking combinations until his corner throws in the towel.

Andy Ristie vs. Albert Kraus- Glory 8 Tokyo

Andy Ristie makes the top of the list once for his knee strike sequence starting at 10:40. Krais and Ristie exchange some really heavy haymakers in the opener until Ristie lands a heavy left knee to Kraus. Ristie forces Kraus back to the ropes and lands more left knees until Kraus pushes out of the clinch. Kraus tried to counter with a hard right as Ristie continues to close in, but his punches don’t connect. Ristie tries relentlessly to close in on Kraus with his knees until he finally connects on a right knee to Kraus’ jaw that spells the end.