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WWE: Night of Champions, Lesnar’s Future at Play?


Possible outcomes for the upcoming WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view are still being thrown around backstage. While the main event is scheduled to have John Cena taking on Brock Lesnar in a Summerslam rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, recent changes to Lesnar’s contract with the WWE have some pundits speculating the outcome may be a total surprise.


After an almost incalculable amount of time as the WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion, Lesnar has enjoyed the spoils of victory by making good use of his star power to muscle his way into an appearance schedule that was perhaps less than desired by WWE executives and likely even less so by fans. However, not more than a few weeks have passed since news came to light about a new contractual agreement the WWE has executed with the heavyweight champ and although the stipulations haven’t been publicly released, the rumor mill is churning with notions that the former UFC Heavyweight Champion will be required to make himself available for more WWE events.

It seems the general “lenience” he’s enjoyed with the organization has now turned to a “short leash”.

If true, the good news is that we will see a lot more of “The Beast Incarnate” than ever before. But will his new standing with the WWE affect his role as a title holder?


Warning: Possible Spoilers
Photo courtesy Brock Lesnar WWE Universe Facebook Page.
Photo courtesy Brock Lesnar WWE Universe Facebook Page.

A good deal of speculation has been brought to the table regarding the likelihood that he may not even leave “Night of Champions” in Nashville with the heavyweight championship title. This would be a huge upset in the WWE Universe but it may also make Lesnar’s relevance in the ring that much more obvious. Working his way up through the ranks for a possible shot at reclaiming his status.

The idea of such an outcome alone is enough to get fans in a frenzy, but the speculation hasn’t stopped there.

Ideas about regarding the likely outcome of the “Night of Champions” include two possible scenarios:

  1. Brock will win with a the help of some outsider interference. Should this come to pass, fans would be assured that Lesnar will retain the title going into Wrestlemania 31, where he’s then expected to drop the belt to Roman Reigns.
  2. Cena will beat Lesnar but then have Seth Rollins come in to make good on his “money in the bank contract” to take the WWE World Heavyweight Title for himself. Though should this occur no one is certain how long Rollins would carry the belt or how and when he’d drop it.

It’s also been rumored that should the 1st scenario play out, John Cena would go on to have a feud with whoever helped Lesnar win the match. But no one knows for sure who the person assisting Lesnar might be or how long the feud with Cena might last.



Some insist scenario 1 is the most likely outcome due to Cena’s history of feuds with outsiders. Many fans will recall his major feud with Bray Wyatt of the Wyatt Family which began when Bray interfered at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View event.

As always, we will have to wait and see what the actual outcome of the event will be. What are your thoughts on possible outcomes?

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