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Scott Coker: From Black Belt Jock to Bellator MMA President


Our Consulting Editor, Paul Maslak, and our President, Luca Rajabi, had the opportunity to visit the Bellator MMA offices in Southern California. We sat down with Bellator President, Scott Coker to get the rundown on what’s happening at Bellator now that he’s at the helm. In this fourth of 4 total segments he shares his journey as a career martial artist.

A fifth degree taekwondo black belt, master instructor Scott Coker began as an original martial arts performer in Ernie Reyes, Sr.’s legendary West Coast Demonstration Team along with kata king George Chung and kata queen Cynthia Rothrock. The Demo Team performed at tournaments and kickboxing events across the country and even appeared on national television.

In our interview, Scott discusses his subsequent trek into the world of live events promotions through PKA (Professional Karate Association) full-contact karate, ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) kickboxing, the founding of Strikeforce promotions, heading up K-1 North American operations, promoting the first MMA event in California, working with the UFC’s Zuffa group and, finally, as President of Bellator MMA.

Scott Coker recently took over management of Bellator MMA, replacing former CEO and founder Bjorn Rebney. Since then he’s made a tremendous impact on the image of Bellator by proposing some much needed format changes as well as extending olive branches to talent that had been disenfranchised by the former management team. His extensive experience as a promoter and his reputation in the industry as a sharp, fair and enthusiastic promoter has already given Bellator a tremendous PR advantage. Beyond that he is a truly dedicated martial artist, thus he has an excellent understanding of the challenges professional martial artists must go through to be successful.

Few other promoters have that sort of a connection with their talent. He may have his work cut out for him, but he’s one of the few people that can really take Bellator to the next level.

We will be watching closely to see how his efforts unfold. Thanks to Scott Coker and the rest of the team at Bellator MMA and Spike TV for making this interview possible!

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