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CM Punk & AJ Lee Get Hacked, Fan Almost Arrested at Raw


Jennifer Lawrence was the girl all the nerds liked and she boasted about eating pizza constantly and prided herself on being goofy at award shows and never “conforming” her image. Then a nude image of the Hollywood star was leaked to social media.

Now another hacker has struck with images of Phillip Brooks (CM Punk) and AJ Lee’s wedding.

Punk’s iCloud account was hacked over the weekend and its’ been verified that it wasn’t the same guy that leaked the pics of the Hunger Games star. The photo is said to have been of AJ and Brooks during their wedding ceremony and Punk tweeted out that he’d block anyone who dared to re-tweet the leaked image.

Then Punk followed up that tweet with another; “IF. F**k you iPhone! If is a word I use!”

Twitter fans could have gotten into trouble by Punk, another could have gotten into trouble with the law.

A fan attending Monday night’s Raw in Iowa carried a controversial sign and gained the attention of top WWE officials as well as social media.

The sign read: “I’d rather be at home watching Nitro for $9.99”

It could be seen in many instances and in one segment it was seen behind Stephanie McMahon and AJ Lee.

Then the fan then went to his Reddit account to inform the public on what took place:

“So tonight in Des Moines Iowa I was having fun being a fan of the product and holding up 2 different signs. One said I’d rather be at home watching Nitro for $9.99. the other said Raw is RAGElife. Around 9pm a skinny whit male with a black polo shirt with the WWE logo asked me for the sign. I asked which one. He took the Raw is RAGElife and left. A few minutes later he came back and asked for the other signs. Next to him was a huge black male in a suit with a wwe lapel pin. I tossed the sign reddit wanted me to make. And then was told to leave the arena. I refused and the as threatened with arrest After a few minutes I went with them to the vending area where 5 men I suits surrounded me trying to arrest me for a sign an being someone the WWE didn’t like. I begged them to bring the police so I could he arrested and they wouldn’t bring them. After 5 maybe 10 minutes of the bullshit I left left to my own will because I was tired of the shit. Fuck WWE Vince McMahon and everyone involved. They also took the person next to me sign that said Cena it’s time for a heel turn. Incredible…”

It has since been reported that others in the stands with the fan witnessed that he was heavily intoxicated and would chant malicious things such as “Chris Benoit” repeatedly. Chris Benoit was a long time wrestler for the WWE and WCW but there has been little mention of his name after the Superstar killed his entire immediate family then took his own life years ago.




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