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Henry Cejudo Must Move Up in Weight to Stay in the UFC

Cejudo at Legacy FC 24

UFC Debut Gone Wrong . . . Or As Expected

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Henry Cejudo did not make a great impression for his UFC debut. In fact, he made little to no impression at all, but to appear unreliable in his weight cut.

Previous to UFC 177, Cejudo has had a poor track record when it comes to making the 125-pound flyweight mark, and has reportedly only made weight for four of his six professional bouts. The fighter was forced to withdraw from his match-up with Scott Jorgensen the night prior to official weigh-ins due to “medical reasons.”

These reasons were because, with five pounds still to go Cejudo was nauseous and cramping severely enough that UFC medical officials advised the fighter that he could not safely cut any more weight before the fight. He was then taken to the hospital.

Moving to Bantamweight



Apparently UFC President Dana White has said that if Cejudo wants to stay in the UFC he will have to move up to bantamweight. Really, it is not like he has much of a choice. He has failed to make weight for each of his last four fights. That is a lot of fights. That is enough fights to make it hard to find an opponent. That is enough fights to make fighters who bust their butts to make weight pretty upset. For many competitors, an opponent not making weight is a sign of disrespect. No one wants to train to fight a guy who they are relatively positive isn’t going to make weight.

Why Cejudo May be Worth It

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Cejudo is a 2008 Olympic gold medal wrestler who shifted his focus to MMA after losing in the 2012 Olympic Trial Challenge Tournament Semi-finals. His Olympic wrestling weight was 121.5 pounds.

He comes to the UFC from Legacy FC, though he failed to make weigh in his last two scheduled bouts. He remains undefeated as a professional fighter. Many are surprised that Cejudo was allowed on to the UFC roster because of his unreliability. Despite his flyweight issues, he has the potential to make a good showing for the promotion if he can get it together, though he may have to bulk up to compete with the stature of the bantamweight division.