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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Bellator and Former WWE Star Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley (10-2) makes his Bellator MMA debut on Spike TV Friday night, September 5th at 8/7C. His opponent, Josh Burns (8-7), is coming into the match with a less than “stellar” record, but don’t let the numbers fool you completely. Heavyweights throw around a LOT of power and in the cage the slightest mister can mean an instant knockout!

Some might think Josh Burns is a guy who never knows when to quit, well if that’s the case then Bobby Lashley might be just the guy to put him out of his misery.

We know that Lashley is a big, strong and solid MMA fighter but you should also know that he previously wrestled for the WWE and now is the TNA world heavyweight champion. But in addition to those two tidbits there’s a few more facts you might have forgotten or overlooked in his mixed pro-wrestling and MMA career.

Here are 3 things about Bobby Lashley that may surprise you:

3. First African-American ECW Champion

Photo courtesy Bobby Lashley Facebook page
Photo courtesy Bobby Lashley Facebook page

From Sabu to Sandman to Taz to Terry Funk, ECW was home to greats, but that can’t say they made the kind of history Lashley did. Lashley was the first African-American ECW champion.

At the 2006 PPV December to Dismember, Lashley prevailed in the Elimination Chamber to win the world title. This was a big surprise at the time. ECW was known for its hardcore action and Lashley was big and strong, but not quite extreme.

Some other big names were in that match: CM Punk, The Big Show, RVD, Hardcore Holly and Test. Lashley won and few insiders were happy. Paul Heyman, the owner and leader of the original ECW was against the idea, as were many of the wrestlers. Lashley, however, set the tone for a new ECW, and made history along the way.

2. Lashley Headlined One Of WWE’s All-Time Great Cards


Lashley competed in the main event of WrestleMania 23 and earned some impressive records. WrestleMania 23 set the WWE’s PPV buy rate record at the time — $1.2 million people watched Lashley fight Umaga in the main event. The card also featured Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena and The Undertaker vs. Batista. The event set an all-time attendance record for Ford Field — $80, 103. Lashley earned good money for competing in the main event of a card that will go down in history for what happened to the CEO of the company.

1. He Made Vince McMahon Go Bald

Vince McMahon (left) and Donald Trup (right)
Vince McMahon (left) and Donald Trump (right)

Lashley competed at WrestleMania 23, one of the company’s most successful PPVs, in Donald Trump’s corner. Lashley represented Trump and wrestled Umaga, who was representing Vince McMahon. Trump and McMahon were icons of power, wealth and truly “spectacular” hair.  The “hair vs. hair” match required the loser to shave his mane, and with Lashley defeating Umaga, McMahon lost more than just his pride.

McMahon goes bald!
McMahon goes bald!

The event was covered by media outlets all over the world. And Lashley, for the time, was among the WWE’s biggest stars.

McMahon, unfortunately, has not looked the same since.