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5 Must Haves for an All-Day MMA Marathon


We knew this day would come.  It might have been every MMA fan’s dream come true but now that we have back to back and overlapping fights from great promotions like UFC, WSOF and Bellator the avid spectator will need to consider a few things when planning that all day MMA marathon!

Take a look below to find out the five must haves for an all-day MMA marathon.

1. A Great Place to Watch the Fights
Photo via the Wikipedia Commons
Photo via the Wikipedia Commons

There are two types of MMA fans in the world. The first is the type of fan who likes to stay home either alone or with a small group of people and watch the fights with minimal disruption. The second is the type of fan who loves to either invite a large amount of people to their house and create a social event out of the fights or go out to a bar to enjoy the event with other fight fans. Either way, having a place you are comfortable at is absolutely essential to maximizing your enjoyment of the night’s festivities. Also take into consideration that you may end up watching fights for upwards of eight hours. Splitting time between the comfort of your own home and a public place may not be that bad of an idea!

2. Multiple Displays
Photo via the Wikipedia Commons
Photo via the Wikipedia Commons

When two events go head to head it is an absolute must to have multiple displays. As a die hard fight fan, I find it extremely difficult to choose between some events. For example, when Bellator and UFC went head to head on Friday September 5th, to solve this issue, I had my laptop playing the Bellator 123 prelims while my HDTV played the UFC prelims. Once the Bellator 123 main card started at 5 PM PT I ran over to my nearest sports bar to watch both the Bellator main card and UFC prelims at the same time. Before you attempt this make sure you should contact your local sports bars and ensure that they will be showing the cards you want to watch. Whether you go to a sports bar, have two HD screens running at home, or will be doing picture-in-picture on on screen, it is absolutely integral to your enjoyment to have more than one screen operating at all times.

3. Food and Beverage of Your Choice
Photo via Chowtastic.com
Photo via Chowtastic.com

It’s a fact that not a single person likes going through fight day hungry. MMA and great refreshments go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly so it is entirely necessary to have your favorite entrees and snacks at your disposal. First, you have to choose what food you will be eating on fight day. Start small, think about what snacks you’d like to munch on throughout your MMA marathon. Do you want to keep it healthy with some celery and carrot sticks or would you prefer to have an order of supreme nachos at your disposal? Next you’ll need to plan your entree for the night’s events. My personal favorite on fight night is a large pepperoni pizza, but a close second would be firing up the grill for some fresh burgers. Either way, make sure it’s a food you know you will want. For your beverage choice, make sure to grab a variety of options. Sipping the same beverage for over eight hours will get boring. Also, if you want to keep the MMA theme rolling throughout the night make sure to pick up a six pack of Coors Light because Bud Light won’t pay you nothing (I’m looking at you, Brock Lesnar.)

4. Have a Fantasy MMA Game Going

Ivanov vs. Johnson

Over the past few years the UFC has had a fantasy MMA game going where you receive points based on your fight picks. This is an excellent way to add intrigue to bouts that may not have your complete interest. Don’t care about who will win this Friday’s Bellator preliminary bout between Lucas Cruz and Andrew Calandrelli? Sign up for a fantasy MMA website like Tapology, pick a winner and winning method, then cheer like hell for your guy to win. It’s a smiple, yet effective way to make your fight marathon all the more entertaining.

5. A Discussion Forum
Photo via Flickr.com
Photo via Flickr.com

Regardless of your choice to either watch the fights alone or with company, having a discussion forum is absolutely key to enjoying an all-day MMA marathon. Want to chime in on a controversial judges decision? Debate it with your buds or take it to your favorite MMA forum. Either way MMA is always much more enjoyable when you have someone to bounce your ideas and thoughts off of. If you prefer your discussion forum to be digital I would recommend checking out the SciFighting Facebook Page!

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