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The Top 5 Spinning Backfist KO’s of All Time

(Photo courtesy of Bellator.com)

There’s no knockout quite like a spinning backfist. The perfect timing, position, and accuracy all culminate into one of the most wicked punching techniques in combat sports. As you step over to prepare your pivot and whipping turn, you take a serious risk by momentarily exposing your back to your opponent as well as taking your eyes off of the fight. But if everything comes together just right, a spinning backfist might be the move your opponent never saw coming and can land you the perfect knockout. Here are the top 5 knockouts by spinning backfists of all time.

#5- Daron Cruickshank Vs. Ricky Stettner

Cruickshank made a big first impression for his MMA debut against Ricky Stettner in King of the Cage. After almost catching Stettner in a rear-naked choke against the cage, both fighters got stood up by the referee. With some sizing up and careful calculation, he doesn’t let Stettner off the hook. After slamming Stettner with a hard right spinning backfist, he puts one more into his gut while he’s on the ground for good measure.

#4- John Makdessi vs. Kyle Watson

John Madkessi lands a sweet one on Kyle Watson. He closed an incredible amount of distance, feinted with the right hand to get Watson checking the left side, and then pivoted with a tremendous amount of torque to send the left hand home. He was so confident of the KO punch that he didn’t even follow up the spinning backfist with any strikes on the ground.

#3- Yahir Reyes vs. Estevan Payan

Reyes was in a constant charge for takedowns against Payan that he just didn’t pan out. Payan would find a way to weasel out and stand up against Reyes, so he roped him into stepping forward at the wrong time. Another feinted right kick is used to step and pivot for a hard left hand.

#2- The Korean Zombie vs. Pajonsuk

Pajonsuk was laying on some serious Muay Thai kicks against Chan “The Korean Zombie” Jung for the first part of their kickboxing bout. Pajonsuk had his number dialed with headkicks that kept Jung at a distance. Jung was able to set up a sweet left jab that hurt Pajonsuk, pushing him back to the ropes . He followed the jab with a feinted kick that dropped Pajonsuk’s hands. Perfect deception for the set up of the left from The Korean Zombie.

#1- Emanuel Newton vs. King Mo

Emmanuel Newton takes the number one spot for perfectly roping-in King Mo. It looked like Newton got way off balance in his punching combination and leaned really far forward. King Mo missed a right at Newton from behind and had no defense up whatsoever for the left hand. Newton’s spinning backfist is as textbook as it gets, and earned him a well-deserved title defense.