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Is WWE ‘Raw Enough’ to Battle Monday Night Football?

As great an idea as this would be, sadly it's not likely to happen.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football is always a cornerstone for most males to begin their work week.

Two match-ups are set and will feature the San Diego Chargers who made an appearance in the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs, will be led into battle against the Carson Palmer led and defensive and return specialists Patrick Peterson and Tyrann “The Honey Badger” Mathieu anchored Arizona Cardlinals who just missed the playoffs with an upstanding record of 10-6.

That’s the late game.

In the early portion of the showcase, The Detroit Lions that boast the cosmic connection of gunslinger and former Georgia bulldog Matthew Stafford to Megatron Calvin Johnson going up against two time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning and the New York football Giants.

How will another Monday night staple, WWE’s Raw on the USA Network answer?


Last night’s portion of the show made the announcement that the man that formerly led the most dominant force in the WWE, The Shield, Roman Reigns will encounter The Viper, Randy Orton in a rematch of their arguably match of the year candidate bout at the last Summerslam pay-per-view.

Roman and Orton have somewhat been standoffish since their showdown and Reigns and his former partner Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins have began an exciting feud, will the man that “formed the Shield” have any effect on this epic rematch?

And that’s not the main event.

Another match-up announced that was sure to send chills down any wrestling fan’s spine was the rubber match between Y2J Chris Jericho and The Eater of World’s and leader of the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt.


In a steel cage.

Jericho won the first bout at the Battleground pay per view but Bray rebounded for the encore victory at Summerslam.

Who can forget the last time Bray was locked in a steel cage? He came out the victor over former WWE Champion John Cena while the John and the Cenation was in a daze due to a chorus of children singing and chanting “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

Will Bray and Jericho’s feud finish here or at the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View?

Chris Jericho’s current contract is expected to be done for this cycle as he has plans to tour with his band, Fozzy.

Also booked for the show is colorful talk show host Jerry Springer and invited to next Monday night is the first openly gay football player and recently released Michael Sam.