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Will The WWE Make Randy Orton Its Biggest Star Once More?


The WWE currently is trying to develop new top stars. Rumors are that Roman Reigns will headline WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar new year.

All three members of The Shield, Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, have been tapped for major pushes. Daniel Bryan, of course, was going to enjoy a nice run on top, until injuries wrecked his spot as WWE champion.

John Cena, the man on top for the last decade, is running increasingly tired with the fans. Half of them love him, half of them hate him and that doesn’t appear to be changing. The WWE usually does a great job of building and developing new talent. It’s one of the things that sets them apart from WCW, which, in more than two decades, only developed a handful of stars: Sting, Bill Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T among them.

In addition to Cena, another guy has been around, near the top for much of the last decade. Randy Orton has been Cena’s biggest rival. Still, for some reason Orton has never emerged as “The Guy” in the WWE. He’s a better worker than Cena. He is taller than Cena. His entrance music is just as good.

As incredible of a talent that Orton is, the WWE has never pushed him as their main guy for very long. He has been the definition of a transitional champion. The WWE has gone back and forth with Orton as a heel and as a good guy, but can never really settle on what he should be.

He’s much better as a bad guy, and he actually gets more cheers that way. He’s not very charismatic on the mic, and comes across as a bit mean when cutting promos. The problem is the WWE has done little to advance his character. The Orton we see today is the same Orton we saw a decade ago.

Orton, a second-generation wrestler, is the kind of guy who you want to build a company around. Unlike Cena, Orton has street credibility with the hardcore fans. He looks great and is a great worker. Professional wrestling is in his blood. Orton dealt with some personal issues in the past that may have forced the WWE to reserve a major, long-term push. Those days, however, seem to be behind him.

As the WWE looks for it’s next big star, it may want to revisit Orton. He wants it as much as anyone else. He’s not going to walk out on the sport like The Rock of CM Punk. Orton may be the big star they need, if they could just turn put the title on him and develop his character a bit.

Orton could be the sport’s biggest star and the WWE should make one more big effort to make him work at the top.