If it is true that the UFC hires the best fighters in the world, than the MMA company should sign former Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren.

Askren reappeared in the MMA lexicon this weekend when UFC President Dana White said publicly that if Askren keeps winning he would get a shot in the UFC.

Askren wanted to go to the UFC after his contract with Bellator expired, but the UFC showed no interest in the champion. Askren eventually signed with OneFC.

With Georges St-Pierre on the shelf indefinitely, it would seem as thought Askren would be as legitimate of a title contender as Robbie Lawler or Rory MacDonald. Askren, a college wrestling star never made a lot of fans with his style of fighting, but there’s not doubt that he is a top MMA fighter.

Perhaps to send a message to Bellator that it didn’t value Bellator fighters, the UFC showed little interest in the undefeated Askren when his contract expired. That was a mistake.

It is unlikely that we will see any fighter dominate the welterweight division like GSP did. As strong as Johny Hendricks is as champion, the days of fighters holding the title for multiple years seem gone. With the exception of Jon Jones, who has not fought since Alexander Gustafsson arguably defeated him in a controversial decision that was handed to Jones, it’s not likely that a champ is going to hold on to the title for years.

Fighters, as we have seen, also get injured and there can never be too much talent in any division these days in the UFC. Askren will eventually find his way to the UFC. When exactly is unknown.

It is good, however, that White is talking abotu the possibility of signing Askren, rather than keeping the door closed. Askren, undoubtedly will want to go to the UFC, despite the bad blood between the two.

If Askren and the UFC cannot work out a deal, Askren may want to consider returning to Bellator. Under the new leadership of Scott Coker, Askren could once again shine, and show that the UFC that the best fighters in the world fight every where, not just under the UFC banner.