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UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis Talks Beef With Nate Diaz and Possible Match Up With Jose Aldo


UFC LIghtweight Champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (17-2) participated in a question and answer session at the UFC 177 weight ins yesterday and addressed the topics of the animosity between himself and Nate Diaz.

The pair just finished work on the taping of the next TUF showcase and according to Pettis, Diaz mainly kept to himself and didn’t talk trash.

On the show that is.

After the show the man that has sat out of the UFC for the last year, Diaz, began calling out the current champion.

But in Pettis’s mind, Nate should’ve been more vocal on the show and shouldn’t have waited until filming ended.

“I definitely want to kick his ass,” Pettis said Friday’ “Anyone in my weight class, I want to kick his ass. But, he had his chance. I was on that show with him seven weeks, and I’ve seen him every day and every day he didn’t say anything. Once the show’s over, he wanted to talk afterwards, that doesn’t matter. He could have said something, he didn’t say anything.”

Anthony Pettis also spoke on the possibility of a match-up that would have any MMA fan salivating at the mouth and gleaming in their eyes and possibly cause an increase in heart rate.

Aldo vs Pettis

“That fight’s going to happen, man,” Pettis said of Aldo. “I think if Chad beats Aldo, [And Aldo] goes to 155, we’ll have that fight. I think if vice versa happens, all the more reason we fight.”

Anthony has been out since relieving Benson Henderson of the UFC Lightweight Title in the first round at UFC 164.

He will make his return on December 6th in Las Vegas against former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez.

Aldo will face off with team Alpha Male standout Chad “Money” Mendes in the main event of UFC 179 in October.