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WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Battles In Hospital After Collapsing, Falling Unconscious

Photo courtesy Jake Roberts Facebook Fan Page.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been hospitalized after collapsing. He fell in and out of consciousness and has been diagnosed with double pneumonia on Thursday.

Roberts emerged back into the WWE’s public eye after he was inducted earlier this year into the WWE Hall of Fame. Roberts had languished in obscurity for years battling drug and sex addiction, as documented in the acclaimed documentary “Beyond The Mat.”

Roberts was never a great in-ring worker, but he was a champion when it came to psychology. His interviews were great. He was able to make you care about the match and his opponent, which is not an easy feat. He was a decent worker, branding the “DDT’ as his finishing maneuver, where he dropped his opponents on his head. The move is ubiquitous in pro wrestling today, but when Roberts did it, you knew the match was over.

Roberts remained a wrestler on the Independent scene. He was broke and struggled to make money. With his snake in a bag that he would unleash on his opponents or onto the mat after a match, his gimmick was gold.

His body fell out of shape, but Roberts was a legend who made any show he appeared on feel big-time.

Roberts appeared to turn his life around after he found Diamond Dallas Page, who introduced him to his Yoga. DDP has helped several wrestlers get healthy with his brand of Yoga and Roberts was one of them. During his HOF speech the night before Wrestlemania, Roberts talked about the wonders of DDP and how the man and practice turned his life around.

Roberts appears to be in better shape. Page retweeted the following tweet from Roberts’ friend: