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DeJuan Hathaway on Special Forces Training for MMA Fighters


DeJuan Hathaway is an undefeated professional featherweight MMA fighter, who began his cage career in 2009 on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. He also served as a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Hawaii, Manoa and well as Hawaii Pacific University before moving on to training soldiers in the United States armed forces. Along with his high level of skill in the cage Hathaway has always been known for his impressive conditioning. He has now decided to share his years of experience training in MMA and Special Forces soldiers in a new book titled Special Forces Fitness Training, which hit the shelves on August 19.


“We’ve all watched action-packed military movies in which an extraordinary soldier carries out a series of heroic acts to successfully complete a mission. Films such as Rambo, Act of Valor, Loner Survivor, Jarhead and the Delta Force always motivate me to keep a high level of fitness and also raised my interest in the methods of fitness training special operations groups such as Navy SEALs, Green Berets and Army Rangers partake in. As it turns out, movies only show a portion of the rigorous physical training these soldiers put themselves through daily to become elite soldiers.” – Introduction to Special Forces Fitness Training


Hathaway tells us the inspiration for the book came from recognition of the program’s success in training the armed forces. While the techniques were developed for a military target, there isn’t likely to be a better set of strength and conditioning tools for a “soldier of the cage”.

“When I was in Georgia at Fort Benning, I was training a group of guys who were getting ready for Special Forces selection,” Hathaway told SciFighting.com. “I made this program for them, but had not intended it to be in a book format. Some of the men that were heads of the Special Forces physical training selection group mentioned that they were looking for a specific program to address some weak areas. One of them said, ‘You ought to think about getting this published,’ I had never thought about doing that and now its happened.”


One of the original requirements for the military focused training was that the exercises can be completed in any environment. Naturally soldiers who are actively deployed would often be without the facilities of a full gym. And to no surprise, when looking deeper into the program you might notice it really doesn’t require any weights or special tools. Hathaway also made certain to use his martial arts background to create combinations of athletic movements that put heavy emphasis speed and agility.

In fact, Hathaway told us that the newly adapted program was the same regimen he used in preparation for his own MMA fights.


“I used these programs when I am prepping for my fights because, for my body type specifically, I’m the type of person that once I get to a certain point I can’t do a lot of weight training, [especially] when it gets close to [the time you start] cutting weight because I am so bulky,” he explained. “So, this is perfect for still helping me maintain the strength that I need [and] lose the weight I need to stay in great shape.”

Hathaway recommends the Special Forces fitness program to combat sports competitors at all levels who are hoping to step up their conditioning. For more information on his book or to contact DeJuan Hathaway with any questions about fight prepping he can be reached via www.HathawayFitness.com.


Hathaway would also like to extend a thank you (mahalo) to some of his Hawaiian MMA influences; Brandon and Brenton Wolff, Lyle Nicely and Scott Junk.