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John Cena to Take Leave From WWE From Injury? RVD Takes Leave Based On Contract; Good News For Bad News Barrett


John Cena has been in the WWE for what feels like forever now.

He most often serves as the top “face” in the company and the WWE loves to treat their faces to healthy amounts of main events and for John it seems like he always fights for the title.

But will he take another break from action inside the ring in the near future?

“Long-term nagging issues” is the quote WWE.com gave when addressing the “Doctor of Thuganomics.”

It is being reported that Cena’s issues are mostly from his neck and shoulder.

Everybody knows how a neck injury can shorten a career.

Especially a wrestling career.

One wrestling career that has ended with the WWE for now is Rob Van Dam’s who will continue his “90 days of work” contract and has now come to the time where he can take a break.

Rob Van Dam most recently lost in a match to Cesaro for a number 1 contender’s spot to take on Sheamus for his United States title.

Then on the taping of Smackdown Van Dam took on Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins on the taping and that was his final match.

Last year Rob left around this time after repeatedly losing to gain the World Heavyweight Title from Alberto Del Rio and didn’t come back until the week after Wrestlemania.

One looking to return soon is “Bad News” Barrett who has been away from the ring due to an injury where he had to give up his Intercontinental Title.

Sad to see when a guy with great mic skills and in ring talent gets on a role and his momentum has to be cut short due to an injury.

However the good new for Bad News is that he is almost healthy and the WWE would like to see him return for the European Tour and if he can’t then the latest should be early December.