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UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Signs With Bellator and Reveals His First Opponent


UFC Hall of Famer Stephan “The American Psycho” Bonnar signed with Bellator earlier today and already has his sights set on his first opponent who may even be the reason Bonnar signed with the promotion to begin with.

The current Titan Fighting Championships ring announcer made an official statement after the signing today to the public.

Here’s what Bonnar had to say.

“I want everyone to know I’m coming out of retirement because it’s time to free the MMA world of the virus that’s known as Tito Ortiz,” said Bonnar.

“We’ve been suffering through his boring fights for too many years, and it’s about time that someone beats it out of him once and for all.”

It was “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” himself who Bonnar has always wanted to duke it out with.

The pair seemingly had beef prior to the signing when Ortiz was sour about the UFC’s decision to induct Bonnar in the coveted Hall of Fame and stated his reasoning last Summer.

As far as Stephan, I have nothing against the guy, but you’ve got to be a world champion, I think, to be in the Hall of Fame,” said Ortiz.

“That’s a big honor to be in the Hall of Fame. It means you had a significance in the sport at one time or another. You look at that, and the Forrest and Stephan fight was a big step for the UFC, so do they deserve it? Possibly. But can one fight get you in the Hall of Fame? I don’t know.”

Stephan emphatically replied.

“We all know Tito is broke,” he said. “We all know Jenna took his money. His punishment clothing, the only people I see wearing that are homeless people. His management company ***laughs*** he’s not banking any money there. So I’m going to help the poor guy get paid.”

Bonnar will be huge boost to Bellator’s Light Heavyweight division as the the company just released their former champion Atilla Vegh.