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Matt Brown Wants Carlos Condit Over Tyron Woodley


If Joe Silva doesn’t call you for a fight in the UFC, maybe you should take to the media and call someone that you want to tangle with instead.

That’s what Tyron Woodley (14-3) did.

Fresh off a first round titanic like TKO over Dong-Hyun Kim at UFC Macao, Woodley decided to call out Matt Brown (19-12) in a recent interview with MMAfighting.

“Granted it’s one of the toughest fights, but it’s a good match-up,” said Woodley.

“People love him, he was a fight away from a title shot, ranked fifth, and fans would flip. I feel like he will bring the best out of me and test my limits. I respect him as a fighter and feel fighting him makes the most since for my career.”

But Matt wasn’t a fan of that particular bout.

Brown had something else in mind instead.

He shared his thoughts on Fox Sports.

“You never know how a fight’s going to go, but I would anticipate not a f—in’ barnburner war (with Woodley)

 “That’s probably not what the fans would anticipate. Whether it is or not, god only knows. Condit is probably a f—in’ barnburner. I can’t imagine it going any other way.”

Then he reveals who he’d rather fight.

“Strategy is whatever. I don’t give a f—. I don’t see the fans anticipating a war [with Woodley]. I don’t anticipate anything in a fight. A lot of them are probably going to expect [Woodley] to knock me out real quick or he’s going to take me down, grind me out real quick, or that I’m going to slowly beat him up and that it’d be a good war. Those are three basic options for Woodley where I think Condit you have, most likely, no matter how this fight goes, we’re f—ing each other up. We’re going to be bloody and beat up at the end.”

He tells of how his hand is still not in great shape but the fan-friendly fighter also lets it be known that he’s a fan-friendly fight maker.

“I can do some light drills and stuff but my hand is still messed up so between now and then is when I’m really going to decide what happens. I feel like it’s fairly irrelevant at this point but I think Woodley or Condit is probably going to be along the same line I would think. Me and Condit were supposed to fight once before and I think that’s the fight everyone wants to see. I think our styles, the way they match up, is probably the most interesting fight out there. I’m open to whatever.”