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Stone Cold To Return at Wrestlemania 32? Austin and Jim Ross Weigh In on the Possibility


Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t wrestled since Wrestlemania 19 when he had the legendary end match to his trilogy with the Rock.

That was back in 2003.

Here we are 11 years later and the Texas Rattle Snake has been coiled but hasn’t struck since.

But will that change at Wrestlemania 32?

In a recent interview with PWTorch Austin 3:16 says he may have to come back and open up a can of whoop a%$.

Ok well not entirely but he did tease a return to the ring.

“I’ll reserve my right to if I want to have another match down the road – say, like, Dallas, Texas is going to be (WrestleMania) 32. Now, 31 is right down the road from me. That could be doable, but I don’t see it happening. Now, Dallas, that could be very special going back to Texas for 32. They’re going to need a loaded card to fill that house. So, I’ll reserve my right. But, am I pushing, pandering, selling, promoting? Nothing.”

However Austin’s good friend and BBQ selling expert good ole JR (Jim Ross) enjoys that Stone Cold raised a level of speculation but has little faith that the man that began the “What?” movement will actually come back.

In his latest blog he mentioned the teasing Texas native.

Love the speculation on @steveaustinBSR talk of coming back to do one last match at WM32 if it is going to be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The average fan has zero idea how long the odds are on that ever occurring but I assume it’s fun to speculate. No one would like to see it more than me but….

Jim Ross may not have faith but I do.

How about Austin vs Cena? John has already taken on the Rock at two Wrestlemanias, now I think he should tempt fate with the Rattlesnake.

Austin vs Lesnar? Yikes, Austin’s neck would probably snap like a tooth pick with the pressure Brock puts on with those blasted suplexes.

Finally how about Austin vs Ambrose? Both kind have the same aggressive blue-collar style and would be amazing for the Dallas crowd.