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War Machine Tipster Paying Reward Forward!

Photo via TMZ

Mary Casamento, may have been overlooked by some as a key figure in the arrest of War Machine.  Appearing to many who observed her KTLA interview noted she appeared to be a humble and kind woman.  But few might know just how far that humility would go.  Intact, she may have just done something to not only set an example for others but also bring an uplifting and inspiring perspective to an otherwise tragic event.

While Mary was staying at the same hotel War Machine she made was witness to a confrontation between the troubled fighter and a petite woman.  Wasting no time she made the crucial call to the police in Simi Valley that ultimately lead to his arrest.  Prior to his capture there was a $20K bounty being offered for any tips leading to War Machine’s arrest.  Those who have offered the money, $10K coming from Christy’s family and a matching amount from “Pawn Stars” actor Corey Harrison, have made good on their promise by giving the reward to Mary Casemento.

But in a twist of odd fate, TMZ reported earlier this morning that Mary responded to the reward by paying it forward to a battered woman’s shelter in Santa Clara, California.

Mary Casamento: Photo via TMZ
Mary Casamento: Photo via TMZ

When asked what motivated her to do so, she explained that she is dying of cancer and has more than enough money to last her through the rest of her life.

Words may not be sufficient to do credit to such a good and selfless deed, however we may only hope that in the same way she has selflessly offered her kindness, generosity and concern for others that she be rewarded in kind with what ever might bring her comfort through the remainder of her life.

To Mary Casamento, I have this to say, “Thank you for setting a standard that few have matched but all should strive for!”