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Why The Undertaker Must Return To Wreck Brock Lesnar’s Title Reign

Photo courtesy The Undertaker Facebook page.

To every professional wrestling fan’s horror, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, ending his 21-0 streak. (The WWE probably wanted people to buy the WWE Network and thought that the buzz around the loss would spark people to do that).

Then, to every professional wrestling fan’s horror again, Lesnar because the unified WWE champion at SummerSlam.

This has got to stop. It doesn’t matter if Lesnar is good for business, which, at the end of the day, he really isn’t that much of a game-change. The WWE champion should not be a part-time wrestler. Lesnar isn’t even a part-time wrestler. He’s quarter-time wrestler.

He doesn’t deserve to be champion unless he can commit to a more regular schedule. The WWE threw millions away by allowing Lesnar to defeat the Undertaker. There was no reason for Lesnar to beat The Taker. Lesnar was already established. He gained nothing by beating the streak.

There’s only one way the WWE can save this: The Undertaker must return to cause Lesnar to lose the title to John Cena. Lesnar thinks he’s over The Taker. Imagine if The Taker miraculously appeared and distracted Lesnar long enough for Cena to get the win. Maybe the Undertaker doesn’t even have to appear. The lights go out, his music plays, Lesnar is so freaked that Cena pulls off the surprise victory.

Then the Undertaker could disappear and Lesnar could go on a streak defeating guys until The Undertaker agrees to return. Then the rematch happens at WrestleMania. And the Undertaker gets his victory back.

Lesnar cannot continue to run unchecked until next year’s WrestleMania. Someone or something has to stop him.

The WWE doesn’t realize how much long-term damage it could do to the credibility of the championship belt by not allowing it to be defended except for on PPVs. WWE fans go to house shows with the hopes of seeing the WWE title defended. The show feels more special when the WWE champion is there.

The storyline should not matter more than the title. The title should be the focal point of the business. It’s not fair for Lesnar to carry the gold without defending it.

The Undertaker has a chance to redeem his character by causing Lesnar to lose at Night of Champions.

  • Mohammed Khalifa

    no the undertaker shouldnt be back he is done

    lesnar MUST NOT lose to anyone of these weakling wrestlers ( cena bryan roman ) or anyone of todays current wrestlers

    i dont see a problem with a part timer champ as long as he is a beast

    the champ has the right to do what he wants when he want to do it

    and in the end how could u say he didnt earn the championship are u blind

    the man ended the STREAK & completely destroyed cena

    u are a cenakid or a taker-tard

  • EdgardoF

    Do you Know something about wrestling? Undertaker loose the match because he want to end his carrier and he want that Lesnar end it because is his close friend. That was good for the story that Lesnar is a monster and then win against Cena. But he is a part time champion because the WWE are preparing Roman Reings to bit Lesnar in Wrestlingmania. Undertaker will be in Wrestlingmania but wrestling vs Sting in a ending carrier math.

    • John Vitoria

      Do you know what you are talking about when you said Lesnar and Undertaker are friends?? LOLOL you have to get the facts straight ! They dislike each other and you could see when The Undertaker went to watch the MMA fights and when Brock Lesnar became the World Heavyweight Champion there. You could cut the tension between them like a knife going through butter. So. get your facts straight about those 2 men being friends because they are far from that.

      • EdgardoF

        Hahahaha !!! Do you thing that the wrestling is true? The best enemies can be the best friends in real life… They don’t best friends but Undertaker have a very admiration for Lesnar as a UFC professional. And do you know that Undertaker is a real estate man in the real life???

  • John Vitoria

    YES Brock Lesnar should lose his title as, we all have said, he is a part time wrestler & fights who he wants, not giving other superstars the chance at the gold. Also, Randy Orton should also not get as, he cries alot about Roman Reigns made him lose his title race. The one that should really have a run at the title is as, I said earlier is, Roman Reigns. He is a strong guy and loved now more than any others that made up The Shield, when they were together. Roman has the will and has the hunger of becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion more than anyone, besides John Cena, as if John wins @ Night of Champions? He will tie the record of most times of being champion with Ric Flair with 16 title wins ! the most accomplished superstar, in which would be great the WWE Universe ! And then maybe he will turn heel, as I have noticed in his voice, the frustration of The Authority has put him through! . In the end? The Undertaker yes should return and spoil Lesnar’s title reign on Night of Champions and give the title back to John Cena ! We all are hoping he does return and spoil it for Brock !

    • Mohammed Khalifa

      i dont see a problem in having a part timer champ as long as he is as great as lesnar in ppv

      and lensar wont get anything by defeating him the phenom within him is dead

      even if he wins 10 times in a row nothing changes

      the streak is dead

      taker is no longer able to really wrestle