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Does Gina Carano’s Power Make Ronda Rousey Nervous?


Ronda Rousey (10-0) has been a women’s MMA staple.

Armbarring her first 8 opponents and in her last two bouts she’s showed off her striking power by knocking out Sara McMann and Alexis Davis in 1:24 combined time in the bouts.

The former face of women’s MMA was a female by the name of Gina Carano (7-1).

Gina won 4 of her first 7 fights by stoppage and didn’t taste a single defeat until she fell to the fists of “Cyborg” Santos.

Since then Carano has enjoyed the fame of the silver screen over the brutality of the cage.

Starring in movies like Haywire and Fast and the Furious 6 both were considered blockbuster hits at the box office.

Now she’s ready to make a return.

She fought under Scott Coker before and the rumors are circulating that she may do so once more with his recent move to being the president of Bellator and the reinstatement of the Women’s division. Most believe she will re-join her former boss.

But what if she doesn’t?

What if Dana White pulls a Marlon Brando and gives her an offer she can’t refuse?

If Gina were to come to the UFC would she receive an immediate shot at Ronda Rousey’s UFC Women’s bantamweight belt that she has successfully defended 4 times?

Rousey hopes she does and believes stylistically that Gina Carano would provide her with her biggest and hardest challenge to date even though Carano hasn’t seen a cage door close on her since 2009.

“Gina is the worst style matchup for me possible,” Rousey told MMAjunkie. “She’s the only girl that I feel like has the best feeling and the best sense of distance.

“There are very few women that have had one-punch knockout power. There are other girls that they overwhelm the other person. They get TKOs and stuff like that. But Gina has one-punch knockout power, and that’s the kind of person that I have to be the most cautious of. That’s the style that’s the worst for me, and ever since the beginning, I’ve been positive that Gina is the worst style matchup for me.”

Only time will tell if the fans and Dana White’s pockets alike will get to enjoy this match-up.