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What If TUF 4: The Comeback, Came Back and Had Another Season with Different Fighters?


The Ultimate Fighter has been around for almost a decade.

The show has had its great seasons – who can forget the very first season that launched the sport into the mainstream? What about the season that gave us a new batch of featherweights and bantamweights? Oh! And let’s not forget the season that showed Uriah Hall destroying everything in his path? And the show has had its bad seasons – Junie Browning… Kimbo Slice… Andy Wang… (Not every season can be great)

Great seasons or bad seasons, we all watch it regardless.  However, there’s one season that every fan wants to see again.  No, I’m not talking about another USA vs UK season, I’m talking about another Comeback season!

The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback  was arguably one of the best seasons of the entire show.  That season’s cast featured already established fighters instead of fighters with an amazing professional record of 2-0. Matt Serra, Rich Clementi, Travis Lutter, Jorge Rivera, Chris Lytle, Shonie Carter, Patrick Côté, and many others.

The season gave these men what every athlete in every sport dreams about when they’re told to “hang it up”: a second chance.

Matt Serra and Travis Lutter seized the opportunity and both fought their way to winning their respective tournaments, and by doing so they both earned title shots.  Serra beat one of the all-time greats, Georges St-Pierre, by stopping him in the first round to win the UFC Welterweight championship.  As for Lutter… Well, at least he can say he survived a round with Anderson Silva…


It was great television for fight fans. So why hasn’t there been another season?  Who knows, but I and fellow SciFighting writer Aaron Portier got together, put our “What If?” thinking caps on, and took the initiative to make our own second Comeback season featuring welterweights and middleweights, and here’s the end result…

We started off with by picking the coaches. Sure, the original season didn’t have coaches, but everyone loves the coach’s challenge.  That being said, we selected the original winners to be the coaches. We have Team Serra and Team Lutter.  Yes, we even picked team colors!  Team Serra is teal and orange while Team Lutter is blue and gold.


Now let me introduce you to the fighters in our Comeback season…


Brock Larson
Matt Riddle
Carlo Prater
Karo Parisyan
Josh Burkman
Jon Fitch
Rousimar Palhares
Paul Daley


Jesse Taylor
Yushin Okami
Dennis Kang
David Branch
Jake Shields
Jake Rosholt
Danilo Villefort
Paulo Filho


Now that you’ve seen our entire cast, here are the teams!

Team Serra (picked by Aaron Portier)
Welterweights: Jon Fitch, Paul Daley, Matt Riddle, Karo Parisyan
Middleweights: Jake Shields, David Branch, Danilo Villefort, Paulo Filho

Team Lutter (picked by myself)
Welterweights: Rousimar Palhares, Josh Burkman, Carlo Prater, Brock Larson
Middleweights: Yushin Okami, Jesse Taylor, Jake Rosholt, Dennis Kang


Now that the teams have been picked, we want ALL OF YOU to get involved and decide who wins the match-ups! And since Team Serra got the first pick, Team Lutter gets to pick the first match-up.


Fight #1: Rousimar Palhares vs Karo Parisyan


Leave a comment and let us know who you pick to advance to the next round.