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CM Punk Needs To Return And Save Fans From Part-Time Champion Brock Lesnar

(CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, photo courtesy CM Punk WWE Universe Facebook page)

CM Punk needs to halt his self-imposed exile and return to the WWE.

The WWE needs him and he needs the WWE.

For whatever reason Punk decided he did not want to wrestle anymore. He apparently didn’t like how he was getting booked. He wanted to wrestle in the main event of WrestleMania and not against Triple H.

We get it. This is professional wrestling, however. Punk needs to get over it and realize that there’s a ton of terribly little stuff that professional wrestlers have to put up along their journey. They are not always going to get what they want.

Punk enjoyed a 464-day run as WWE champion. It’s not like anyone was out to get him. Forget the finger-pointing, however. The bottom line is that CM Punk is probably the greatest professional wrestler in the world. He needs to be wrestling while he is still in his prime.

The sport needs him. Daniel Bryan is on the shelf. John Cena is hurting. Lesnar, a part-time wrestler, is running wild. Punk cannot allow that. The fans love Punk and they respect Punk. He was popular without a push. The WWE also invested a lot of time and energy into building his character. He shouldn’t have just walked away.

Legacy is measured by longevity. Had Shawn Michaels not returned to the WWE for his second run after injuring his back he would have never been remembered as fondly. Had Kurt Warner never battled back to take the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl, he may have never been thought of for the NFL Hall of Fame, but taking two teams to the Super Bowl 10 years apart is quite the accomplishment.  Punk has enjoyed a great career, but it’s not over.

Imagine of Ric Flair in 1989 had decided to just stop wrestling? Flair’s longevity in the sport is one of the reasons he is remembered so fondly.

Punk is exactly what the WWE needs. He’s a great wrestler. He’s spectacular on the microphone. He’s authentic. The WWE needs to bring Punk back. Whatever the WWE is paying part-time champion Brock Lesnar is worth nothing, if the company can’t satisfy the guys who are willing to be full-time professional wrestlers.

Punk once said on his “Best in the World” DVD that you can’t change the world from your couch. That’s true. So Punk needs to get off his couch and get back where he belongs.