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Top 5 Tips for Morning Workout Commitment

Getting up is the hardest part of any morning workout

1. Be Committed Every Morning: No Excuses!

It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are just so many good reasons not to get up for that morning workout. You may not have gotten as much sleep as you wanted. You may need to be at work a little earlier today.  You may feel a little bit of a headache coming on . . . In reality, you are just plain tired. Get up. You can do this. After you brush your teeth and wash your face, you will be in “go mode.”


2. Plan Ahead

If you have everything ready to go the night before it will take a lot of stress off the situation. This includes;

A. Prepping any pre or post-workout food or supplements

B. Having workout clothes already picked out

C. Shoes by the door

D. Know where your phone and keys are

E. If you are changing at the gym, have your bag already packed

* If you have to have coffee in the morning, get a coffee pot with a timer. They aren’t much more expensive. You get up and the coffee is already made.


3. Sense of Urgency: Know What You are Going to Work On

If you wake up and don’t have a plan for this epic morning workout there will be no sense of urgency to do it. For example, it is Monday morning and you are tired. You figure you can skip today because you have all week to do whatever you are going to do. Bad idea. Monday should be “leg day” or “back day” or “cycling class.” If you don’t go to bed with the mindset that you are getting up in the morning with a purpose, you will be less likely to get up.



4. Make it a Routine

If you decide you are going to workout in the morning and you do so one time, the likelihood of continuance is not much higher than if you had never done it. Anyone can do something one time, but you are not just anybody! The first week is the hardest. Your body will naturally adjust to the new schedule if you give it a chance. Don’t give up so easy.

Let's just assume these guys had a good routine going in to this film (Pain and Gain)
Let’s just assume these guys had a good routine going in to this film (Pain and Gain)

5. Accountability: Make a Friend

Everyone works out differently. Some people like to workout with a partner or in a group, while some like to do their own thing. Whatever you like to do is just fine, but if you are going to a gym to workout you should at least make a friend. Say hello to someone every morning and when you leave, just the simple act of saying “see you tomorrow morning,” serves as a subconscious commitment to yourself and that person, that you will be there as kind of promised.