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Don’t Sleep on Jeremy Severn at Titan FC 29


Jeremy Severn (1-0) may not have the record of Dan Severn (101-19-7) but he’s getting there.

Severn will look to taste his second pro MMA victory this Friday night at the Crown Coliseum in North Carolina at Titan FC 29 which will be broadcasted live on the CBS Sports Network.

Jeremy will take on Luciano dos Santos (9-6) in the second bout scheduled for the evening.

Luciano has 3 knockout wins to his credit and Severn believes he will try to impose his will on the feet Friday night, but Jeremy has been training to counter that attack.

“Training is going real good, I know Luciano has good stand-up and muay thai but I’ve been working on getting my hands quicker and crisper for the fight.”

Severn loves the fact that his second professional bout ever is for Titan FC.

“Pretty awesome to debut for Titan, to be on the same card as Ricci and Sotiropolous is amazing and it will be streamed (via cbssports.com) so all my friends and family back home in Ohio can see.”

Severn takes pride in pushing his opponents to the limit.

“Every opponent isn’t the same, I have to have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed. I want to be confident in where ever the fight goes that I can win in that position. Every time I fight I want to push someone until you can visibly see that they’re done. That’s one of the greatest things you can see in a fight to me is being able to push someone until they break. I want a finish standing or on the ground. I want to break my opponent.”

Ala Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 except instead of breaking his opponent’s neck like Drago did to Apollo Creed, Severn armbarred his last victim, Aaron Osbourne in the first round of their contest at XFC 22.

And like Drago was, Severn is equally as confident.

“Obviously I like to see me finishing, I want to push until I finish him, I’m 100% confident that i can finish the fight standing or on the ground.”