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Video: Dana & Ronda Make the Rounds at UFC Fight Night Macao Q&A


Believe us when we tell you it’s actually worth watching.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Revel in the obvious awkward silence as the crowd of reporters are initially stunned by either the presence of a beautiful woman in the room or fear stricken by the fact she could tear all of their arms off.
  2. Watch two of the largest ‘names’ in MMA sit on two of the smallest and most uncomfortable looking chairs for almost 25 minutes.
  3. Cantonese translation!  Yes, it’s almost like visiting Hong Kong with a UFC themed Google Translate app on your Chinese iPhone knockoff!
  4. Learn about how Ronda broke her mom’s arm at age 13.  Yes, no lie, she admits to it freely.
  5. Watch Dana White get completely obscured by Rousey as she interrupts him while he attempts to answer a question “for her”.
  6. Discover the surreal truth that Ronda considers her mom’s attempts to surprise her with rear naked chokes throughout her childhood has made her ‘uncomfortable’ with her back exposed.  (Ahem, tell that to the ESPN The Body issue photographer!)
  7. See Ronda Rousey smile, laugh and totally geek out at one of the less ‘serious’ press questions as she pours over her extensive knowledge of Comics, Manga and Pokemon!
  8. Watch Ronda keep her legs firmly clasped together in the same position for 25 minutes.  (For humor’s sake you pervs.)
  9. See the look of amazement on Dana White’s face when Rousey quickly asserts that Goku would destroy Superman.
  10. Last but not least, see just how Ronda has remained single for so long by very politely turning down the Pokemon reporters attempt to ask for her hand in marriage!

Ok if those ten reasons didn’t convince you to hit the play button then get our take on the Q&A here.

Actually, you should still read it even if you did watch the video!