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Former IFL, Strikeforce and UFC Veteran Bristol Marunde Wants to get “Dirty” at Titan FC 29


Another on the long list of Titan FC stars that are under the radar is on Bristol Marunde (13-9).

Bristol has fought for the UFC, Strikeforce and the IFL and has now landed in Titan with a stacked resume that includes tangling with such fighters as “Jacare” Souza, Benji Radach, Matt Horowich and Rich Attonito.

He will make his Titan FC debut this Friday night and will encounter a contest with Micah Miller (19-6) in the TFC welterweight division.

Marunde normally competed in the Middleweight division in his career but feels comfortable with the cut and ecstatic for getting a fight.

“I’ve been dieting and eating clean so I’m walking around at about 180 now (3 weeks ago). I’m happy to get a fight, I’ve been through several opponents and different promotions and Micah (Miller) might be big now but he used to be small.

Upon the interview conducted, Miller was reported as to have been walking around at about 195 pounds.

“There’s a tipping point in weight fluctuation, it can be a real b%#$@, look at Rumble (Anthony Johnson) and at 170 he looked good but at 205 he’s a killer like in his last fight.”

Anthony Johnson wasted little time in demolishing Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in 44 seconds at UFC on Fox 12.

“Guys get caught up in weight cut and not enough on becoming better athletes.”

Bristol has decided and accepted on fighting the way he always has.

“What transformed my fight career is that I don’t care anymore. I used to have so much anxiety about what people would think of me after the outcome. My head coach Roger Phalus told me ‘You’re no GSP, you’ll never be that athlete, what you are is an ugly blue collar fighter. Don’t stay on the outside, you have to get inside and get dirty.’

“I don’t give a crap about fame and fortune in MMA. I have a full time business, I just want to win. Ever since I started with him I submitted a guy in a minute and a half.”

Bristol defeated Ian Williams via Kimura at Combat Games MMA back in April.

“I’ve dropped the ball when I brought too much tension and anxiety into the sport. Now I don’t care, I’m doing what I want right now for me.”

Marunde plans on following his coach’s orders and making his bout this Friday night with Micah Miller a pig slop.

aka dirty.

“He’s going to try to pull off a submission, I’ll be on the defensive. I’m going to get a takedown then I’ll take side-mount and pound him out. You won’t see a slick KO from me, it’ll be dirty, you might see a guy’s head smacked against the cage getting beat on.”